Kingston Technology gets Intel’s first system certification for DDR5 . RAM

Kingston Technology has announced that it has received Intel Certification for its upcoming DDR5 UDIMMS memory product.

Kingston Technology gets Intel's first system certification for DDR5 RAM - photo 1

This result marks the first and most important milestone in verifying compatibility between Kingston DDR5 memory solutions and Intel platforms using DDR5.

Kingston’s DDR5 memory portfolio will pave the way for a range of solutions with powerful performance, diverse designs and low-to-high capacities to support DDR5-based platforms coming this year. next.

Following the development of next-generation DDR memory, Kingston continues to provide more than 10,000 models of DDR5 UDIMMs to major motherboard manufacturers and technology partners to support this platform launch. By supporting partners early, Kingston is helping to build the foundation for a successful product launch.

Kingston Technology obtains Intel's first system certification for DDR5 RAM - photo 2


For more than three decades, Kingston has been the memory brand that customers trust to power their systems. Earlier this week, Kingston announced that it has retained the world No. 1 position in the list of “Third Party Vendors of DRAM Memory Modules” according to the latest revenue rankings from market analysis firm TrendForce. This achievement marks the 18th consecutive year Kingston has held the top spot and solidifies its market leadership position. With new platforms coming soon, Kingston is preparing to market a range of DDR5 RAM products with improvements in data performance, integrity, density and scalability for years to come. .

Kingston Technology obtains Intel's first system certification for DDR5 RAM - photo 3

“We are looking forward to unveiling our latest DDR5 portfolio and have invested significantly in the upcoming product launch,” said Kingston. “We were able to meet a large amount of demand by proactively sourcing components early during a global shortage to strengthen our production infrastructure. From partner to customer, Kingston is with you and ready to pioneer next-generation memory solutions.”

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