Korean robot listens to enemy gun to lock target

The Korean I-UGV combat robot is equipped with an acoustic sensor, distinguishing enemy gunfire on a chaotic battlefield and automatically locking the target.

Korea’s Hanwha Defense Arms Corporation said that a new combat robot called Intelligent UGV (I-UGV) is expected to appear at the Seoul International Aviation and Defense Exhibition (ADEX) 2021. A unit of the Korean Army. Quoc has been testing this combat robot model for the past month.

I-UGV has a weight of two tons, a payload of more than 500 kg. This combat robot runs entirely on electricity, can move at a maximum speed of 40 km / h on asphalt and 20 km / h on dirt roads, detecting targets within 4 km of day and night.

Korea launched a new fighting robot model

South Korea’s I-UGV unmanned combat vehicle in the video released on October 15. Video: Hanwha Defense.

The weapon complex on the I-UGV uses modern acoustic sensors to identify the muzzle explosion of enemy weapons on a chaotic battlefield. The advanced remote control system of this weapon complex will then automatically lock the target and wait for the command to fire from the operator.

With artificial intelligence (AI) technology, I-UGV can also operate on its own based on GPS positioning or remote control to participate in tasks such as surveillance, reconnaissance, cargo transport or wounded soldiers. .

ADEX 2021 will be held on October 19-22 at Seongnam, south of Seoul. This is one of the largest defense events in Asia, with representatives of hundreds of businesses and militaries from all over the world.

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