Korean stars are criticized for the funniest reasons

If in the Korean entertainment industry, there are many K-pop idols who are criticized for strange reasons, actors are no exception. Up to now, there are many Korean actors who have been criticized by netizens for some ridiculous reasons that “can’t even dream”.

Below is a list of some of the Korean actors who have been criticized for the most ridiculous reasons ever by the Korean entertainment industry.

1. Han So Hee

As a famous name in Korea, that’s why the actress The world of marriage It’s always a topic that netizens “look at”.

In 2021, Han So Hee was suddenly condemned by netizens, criticizing that the actress was a bad girl, rebellious and even unworthy of becoming a celebrity when some pictures of her smoking. Besides, on Han So Hee’s arm, it was clear that a series of old tattoo pictures were also dug up.

Korean stars are criticized for the funniest reasons - Photo 2.

Being famous means that Han So Hee’s past is revisited to be the subject of netizens’ condemnation of Han So Hee

Before the condemnation, too much sarcasm of netizens towards the actress The world of marriage made the actress’s best friend angry instead. Han So Hee’s friend also came out, criticizing Korean society for its sexist views on tattoos and smoking.

“Honestly, the assumption that smoking and getting tattooed may be okay for male actors, but there is a problem when a female actress does it. There are a lot of people tattooing these days so people who like to get tattooed are supporters.

But don’t people who don’t like tattoos also show their displeasure? I can’t say that thinking is right or wrong because everyone has different opinions. The pictures with tattoos and cigarettes were taken by Han So Hee when she was a model,” Han So Hee’s friend said angrily.

2. Kang Dong Won

In addition to acting, education and family background, beauty is what helps actor Kang Dong Won attract fans and be praised throughout his career.

However, the actor Violent prosecutor was criticized by some netizens during the press conference for the movie’s release Peninsula in 2020 just because of his “middle-aged” fashion and his face is no longer as handsome as before, so the actor was criticized.

Korean stars are criticized for the funniest reasons - Photo 3.

Dressed maturely, but the face is somewhat not youthful over time, so Kang Dong Won is condemned

Before the criticism of netizens, Kang Dong Won also spoke up, “That day my face was swollen and my condition was not very good. Now that I’m old, I can’t always be as good as I used to be.”

3. Jang Geun Suk

Korean stars are criticized for the funniest reasons - Photo 4.

Famous for his beauty, but there are days when Jang Geun Suk is mocked

Jang Geun Suk was once known as the “Prince of Asia” and was loved by many fans, but unexpectedly, one day the actor became a thorn in the eyes of netizens just because he did not. manage their weight, leading to changes in appearance.

That also means that the actor received criticism from some netizens.

4. Gong Hyo Jin

If many years ago talent was evaluated first, beauty was only ranked second for artists, but today as long as the artist is beautiful, all mistakes will be forgiven no matter how talented they are. .

Korean stars are criticized for the funniest reasons - Photo 5.

Just dressed casually and taking pictures of other artists, but Gong Hyo Jin was mercilessly stoned

That’s why, no matter how talented actress Gong Hyo Jin is, just because a picture of the actress taken with Kang Ha Neul is heavily criticized by netizens just because of her appearance.

One netizen commented maliciously, “Sweet Ha Neul and ugly Hyo Jin”. Responding to netizens’ criticism, Gong Hyo Jin only had two simple words: “Sorry”.

5. Lee Ro Eun

As a child actress, the little girl Lee Ro Eun could not escape malicious criticism from the online community just because her appearance was too “standing” for her age in the movie. The world of marriage.

Korean stars are criticized for the funniest reasons - Photo 6.

So much so that a little girl who doesn’t understand anything like child star Lee Ro Eun is also hated because she doesn’t look the right age for the character in the movie.

However, instead of questioning the producer, a part of netizens used harsh words to criticize the young girl’s appearance, making the family so frustrated that they had to speak up, begging netizens to let her 5 years old and the family is at peace.

“Why does a child have to have these things? She just filmed without knowing anything. Please delete your harsh comments. I hope you guys cheer Lee Ro Eun so she can complete her filming in the drama,” Lee Ro Eun’s family said.

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