Lam Tam Nhu and her husband never quarrel in front of their children

Invited by the charity “Love is King 888” to participate in Modern Women’s Domestic Violence Outreach Program, actress and producer Lam Tam Nhu paid a private visit to a victim. of domestic violence and her children. In her confiding and sharing, Lam Tam Nhu said that she and Huo Kien Hoa sometimes have conflicts and quarrels and she thinks that quarreling is not necessarily a bad thing. According to Lam Tam Nhu, arguing can really help improve relationships, however, the problem is the context for those conflicts.

“You have to choose the right place and time to argue, and definitely don’t do it in front of the kids” – Lam Tam Nhu said – “Even if it’s just a noisy argument, we should avoid doing it. that in the presence of children”.

Lam Tam Nhu and her husband never quarrel in front of their children - Photo 2.

Lam Tam Nhu visited a victim of domestic violence. (Photo: J.Stars)

The Taiwanese star also added that couples should avoid talking to each other in loud voices and conflict with body movements is absolutely not recommended. Lam Tam Nhu believes that just witnessing one or two conflicts between parents is enough to affect children’s psychology. According to her, when children see their parents like this, they may wonder, “Why do my parents keep arguing?” and as they enter adulthood, they may mirror these behaviors and treat their mates in a similar way.

The actress added, “Being an example is very important, we should all do our best to be a good role model by controlling our temper.”

Lam Tam Nhu believes that with children’s sensitivity, they may feel things are not right when adults give each other cold shoulders, they may wonder why mom and dad don’t talk to each other or not. eating together, you may start to worry and may even blame yourself. So, Huo Jianhua and her will pay attention to such details in daily life.

She summed up in her sharing: “Each person’s personality is different, there will definitely be unhappy things, when feeling like an outbreak, each person can try to step back a little, because you live under the same roof. a roof so it’s really not a big deal.”

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