Lan Phuong revealed the sweet act of her foreign husband

Lan Phuong surprised when she appeared on the set of the program “Beautiful Life” with the beautiful girl Lina. Here, she shared a lot about her family life as well as her feelings when she was about to say goodbye to the role of Van Khanh in the movie “Love the sunny day”.

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Lan Phuong in the program “Beautiful Life”

Lan Phuong confided: “Phuong feels a little empty inside, but Phuong also feels complete because Phuong has been with Khanh since the first days, growing up with Khanh until the day she found her strength. its inner. Phuong herself is the same, so I feel quite complete.”

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The movie “Love the sunny day” is about to come to an end

Lan Phuong said that the feeling when she had to say goodbye to the cast in the film, although difficult to express, was not too sad. “When parting with colleagues is a difficult emotion to express, but Phuong is not too sad because in fact people still meet every day, if not for this project, it is still another project. The most obvious feeling is saying goodbye to that character, Saying goodbye to the feeling of not calling mother Nga a mother anymore, Minh Huyen is not Van Trang anymore, but a completely different character “- Lan Phuong said.

When asked what Lan Phuong learned from the role of Van Khanh and how to apply it to her family, the actress honestly shared: “Phuong learned from Khanh that she always finds good points from her husband. Even in the movie, everyone can see his flaws. However, Khanh only focused on Germany’s love and good points so that the couple lived happily together, only when the external influences were so great that the couple could not continue together. The second is that she has great inner strength. She’s been through so many terrible events, but Khanh is fine, still finding a way to make herself okay and a better life for her children.”

Returning to her daily life, Lan Phuong said that she was quite busy while filming, doing business and taking care of her family. The actress confided: “Before I do everything, I have to accept that it will have a lot of consequences. The first example is my health. When Phuong does, Phuong knows it will definitely be hard. Because I was prepared, I was more receptive.. Phuong also had to go to the hospital three times due to exhaustion from trying to make sure everything.

After that time until now, Phuong is also quite good. Phuong looks back and sees that in order to balance it, the only way is for us to figure out what this time is all about, whether it’s acting or business, or our kids. Phuong keeps rotating the time spent on each such important subject, so it helps her balance her time and thinking. In the end, everything was fine.”

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The happy family of actress Lan Phuong

However, Lan Phuong emphasized, with her children, no matter how busy she is, whenever she comes home to see her children, she always smiles as affectionately as possible. “It’s still love, even for a few seconds, but it makes me feel that my mother is always with me, always there, and that she always loves me” – the actress confided.

Sharing about her foreign husband, Lan Phuong confided: “Phuong’s husband has no tricks, simply in his heart he always loves his wife and children, such a sincere love plus the culture from the family, The country he grew up in makes him very natural in loving and helping his wife and children because it comes from the heart. Whenever Phuong is tired and sees his actions such as taking care of the baby to let Phuong sleep or doing all the housework for Phuong to have more time, or sometimes just come and say: “Baby, calm down, breathe, everything will be fine.” . Either he gives Phuong a hug or a joke, Phuong suddenly has energy again.”

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Lan Phuong’s husband is of English descent, born in Australia. David Duffy and Lan Phuong met in July 2017 in Hanoi, when she was filming the movie “A Life of Resentment”. At the time of meeting his wife, David Duffy was living and working in Hanoi. David proposed to Lan Phuong after half a year of dating. In May 2018, they welcomed their first daughter, named Lina Linh Duffy.

Before giving birth, Lan Phuong showed off her marriage certificate with her foreign husband. Although he proposed to hold a wedding, the actress born in 1983 refused. Because according to her, the wedding is just a formality, the important thing is the real feelings of both. Lan Phuong shared, she just wanted a simple and happy marriage.

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