Lan Phuong shows off a small act of her daughter when going to the museum: What does baby Lina do to make her mother praised for her upbringing?

Recently, actress Lan Phuong shared a lovely story about her daughter Lina. On her free day, the actress and her husband let their daughter visit the museum. She said:

“After going to the museum once with the school, Lina liked the museum very much. One day she begged her mother to let her go to the museum. As for her mother, of course, after filming the movie, she spent more time with her children, so I Wherever you want to go, I will take you there.

The whole family went to the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology. The sun was shining, but the little girl was still excited when she ran and explored everywhere…, Lina and her mother were constantly looking at the meaning. Lina has all kinds of questions in the sky and mom is brainstorming to find the easiest way to explain it to her child. Lina was very polite, when she saw the sign to take off her sandals, she took off her slippers, walked very gently, whispered in a whisper, afraid that if she spoke loudly, the artifacts would disappear.

The trip to the museum of Lan Phuong’s family.

All that day, Lina watched water puppetry, climbed a ladder to the stilt house, her mind was free to imagine, and sought to connect events to gradually understand the world – past – present… And most of all, I will be happier when I can do all those things with you.”

Through the shared images, it can be seen that at the age of 4, baby Lina is growing up and becoming more and more pretty and cute. Her eagerness to learn and discover also received many compliments from netizens. Besides, there is a small detail that makes actress Lan Phuong receive many compliments on how to raise obedient and disciplined children. That’s the detail that Lina knows how to take off her sandals and walk gently according to the museum’s regulations.

“Lina is so good”, “Lan Phuong’s mother teaches me well”, … are two of the many comments of the online community.

It is known that in daily life, Lan Phuong pays great attention to the education of her children. The actress does not support the use of caning with children. In an interview with the press, she expressed: “There are many old views that you should not praise your child, always criticize and criticize, don’t let him think he is better than anyone… to make him better.

Yes, in the future, you can be as successful as your parents want, but deep in your heart, the hurt from the times you were scolded and criticized by your parents is still and will be forever and very clear. Adults should ask themselves about that feeling.”

After having Lina, Lan Phuong has never scolded or raised her voice, but only closely followed and encouraged her to encourage her children to explore the world around themselves.

Lan Phuong showed off a small act of her daughter when she went to the museum: What did baby Lina do to make her mother praised for her upbringing - Photo 2.

She said: “The more I understand her, the more Phuong can’t imagine slapping or scolding her or doing anything to make her feel inferior. Children can’t be punished just because they can’t control them. abundant energy and desire to explore the world around.

It’s impossible just because the child refuses to sit still to listen to the adults talk or to do what the adults want to be yelled at as ‘so bad’. Adults scold and beat children just because adults are helpless and do not know what to do with their children.

The person at fault should be an adult because they cannot understand what children want and feel to help them do the right thing.” According to the actress, adults need to learn to understand children and become a spiritual support for them. Children, do not think that you are too young to know anything.

In addition to the progressive education perspective, Lan Phuong’s method of teaching foreign languages ​​to children also received many compliments. Right from the moment her daughter Lina babbled, she and her husband have been studying, reading and talking with her every day. Every day, I will talk to Grandma, Dad David (actress husband) in 2 languages: English and Vietnamese.

She often learns many methods to guide her children to learn English to help them develop dramatically. Thanks to her mother’s support, Lina’s learning went very smoothly, it was like she was “playing” with the language. Lina used to look forward to every night to be taught by her parents.

Actress Lan Phuong shared, whether mixed children or Vietnamese children need to learn the language methodically and properly from an early age in the most natural and comfortable way. Under her mother’s tutelage, Lina can now speak English very well.

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