Lancome launches the biggest sale of the year, up to 50% off with super bargain: Buy full size get full size!

Lancome is a cosmetic brand that is no stranger to women, especially beauty enthusiasts. A series of top-quality items have put Lancome’s name in the top cosmetics that many women love. If you want to close your order for “expensive” items, don’t miss the discount festival taking place on August 4 exclusively on Lazada. Undoubtedly the biggest sale of the year, Lancome strongly launched a series of extremely hot deals: 50% off voucher, buy 1 get 1 free along with a gift set worth 1250k when ordering in the golden hour (0am – 2pm) only on 4/8). Let’s take a look at 5 super hot products of Lancome!

The first is Lancome Clarifique Cleansing Foam, a gentle foaming cleanser, suitable for all skin types. Thanks to the 3-action formula, the skin will be cleansed of dirt and improved evenness. She will easily feel the smoothness and coolness after just 1 use. Order now to receive a gift set of 900k including Tonique Confort balancing water – Bi-Facil eye and lip makeup remover and Advanced Génifique rejuvenating essence. With such an overwhelming offer, the “night owl club” must definitely take notes so as not to miss the sale time frame.

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On the shelves of one of Lancome’s luxury products that are sought after by many women, it is the Lancome Advanced Genifique skin rejuvenation serum. Microbiome technology has the ability to regenerate the natural protective film and effectively balance the pH. If you want to say goodbye to the worry of aging skin, you must buy this baby. Don’t forget the jubilant sale with a gift set worth 3750k including 4 items: Lancome Clarifique Dual Essence fullsize – Advanced Genifique Light Pearl Lashes eye serum – Advanced Genifique eye cream and UV sunscreen Expert AQ Gel.

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Many people take care of skincare but turn on the “indifferent” mode to the skin around the eyes. That is the reason why the eyes appear dark circles or ugly wrinkles. To “bye bye” the above situation, you quickly close the order of the “divine” serum Advanced Génifique Light Pearl. Buy a 20ml bottle, get 4 more mini-size bottles, save 2400k, so why wait without closing the order right away.

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Naturally beautiful but not natural but beautiful, if you want smooth, flawless skin, invite her to try Lancome Clarifique Dual Essence. The ingredients contain concentrated plant essential oils that not only help brighten and smooth skin, but also effectively shrink pores and improve skin pigmentation. Ladies who want to buy 1 get 1 free, buy full size and get full size, then “alo” Lancome to receive genuine gifts.

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Who said Lancome is only famous for skincare products because they don’t know its perfume yet. Players of the “fragrance system” should definitely experience Lancome La Vie Est Belle EDP perfume with a light but extremely seductive scent thanks to the perfect combination of patchouli essence and concentrated herbs. U is heaven, buy 1 item and get 6 more items, can only be Lancome’s 4/8 super sale. Check immediately to hunt for “terrible” gifts!

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Lancome brings exclusive Super Brand Day on Lazada on 4/8 to help give birth to healthy young skin with a series of extremely hot deals, it’s a pity to miss out! Quickly close orders to enjoy a series of attractive programs such as: 50% discount, buy 1 get 1 free to start radiant healthy skin with Serum #1 Lancome – Golden hour gift 0h-2h on 4/8 up to 1 million – Membership voucher up to 600k! See more offer information HERE.

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