Laos – China high-speed train runs 120 km/h

The train with two electric locomotives reached a speed of 120 km/h on the Laos-China high-speed railway in a test last week.

Video posted by Facebook page AeroLaos last weekend shows a high-speed train passing through Luang Prabang station during a test on the Vientiane-Luangprabang railway section on October 22. The section of the test run is located on the Laos – China railway line, connecting the capital Vientiane, Laos and Kunming city, China.

The train participating in the test consisted of two Chinese-made HXD3C electric motor locomotives and six conventional carriages in the middle. This is a train that uses concentrated dynamics, different from the Lane Xang train that was handed over by China on October 16 to Laos, which uses distributed electrodynamics (EMU) technology that can reach speeds of 160 km/h. H.

Laos - China high-speed train runs 120 km/h

A train with two electric motor locomotives runs through Luang Prabang station, Laos on October 22. Video: Facebook/AeroLaos.

China is expected to complete the delivery of 17 HXD3C electric locomotives to Laos before November according to the agreement signed in September 2020. The HXD3C locomotive is manufactured by CRRC Dalian, a subsidiary of China National Railways Corporation (CNRG).

CRRC Dalian said that the HXD3C uses an electric motor with a capacity of 7,200 kW, with great traction, high traction and low energy consumption. HXD3C can meet requirements on Laos – China railway with high temperature and high humidity environment.

The 414 km long Laos-China high-speed railway from the border town of Boten bordering Yunnan to Vientiane was started in 2016 and completed after 5 years of construction, with a total project value of about 6 billion USD. The railway is part of China’s Belt and Road Initiative, which aims to connect Kunming to Singapore on a 5,500-kilometer Trans-Asian Railway.

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