Laugh at the reason behind the girl’s commitment to “raise the second brother” of the 1st grade girl

Children are small, but their sense of responsibility is not inferior to adults at all. A little girl recently made the online community admire with her “prestige” commitment paper.

“Dear father.

I’m sorry that during the argument, I accidentally bit my hand and scratched my brother’s face. If the second brother’s scarred face becomes ugly later, he can’t get a wife, then the children will be responsible for taking care of the second brother until he dies. I hope you will forgive me because I know my mistake.”

Laughing at the reason behind the girl's pledge to

The commitment to take responsibility for “raise the second brother to death” of the little girl.

The piece of paper with extremely serious content was written according to the standards of the pledge sheets, and its owner was just a little girl who had just finished 1st grade.

According to the records, the girl bit and scratched her brother’s face during the argument. After this action, the character “third boy” seems to have taught and scared a little bit about the injuries that she caused to the second brother. This pledge is the result of the girl’s apology and mistake.

Notably, the girl also showed an extremely high sense of responsibility when she firmly stated that if the second brother became ugly because of the scratches and could not get a wife, she would “raise the second brother to death”.

The girl’s silly but responsible and sincere words made netizens laugh. “Oh my god, give me two to get married. I hope that Uncle Ba’s family and the online community will gladly forgive her, who has just graduated from 1st grade.”the person who posted the funny story captioned.

“Hao young man is very responsible”.

“You have to bring it to the notary public.”

“Real prestige commitment letter”.

“Cute cute but really funny to read, honey”.

Surely in the future, when arguing with her brother, the girl in the above story will think about the risk of “not being able to marry” her brother and quit biting and scratching him.

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