League of Legends: Riot released the official trailer for the new champion Vex

League of Legends

After a long wait, the new champion Vex was finally officially released by Riot Games. Accordingly, this general is introduced through the latest trailer video.

According to the plot, Vex is a Yordle that was once in Bandle City. However, it seems that she has a rather irritable personality so she left her hometown. While wandering, she unexpectedly meets Viego in the Shadow Isles and agrees to help him.

In the video, you can see that Vex is a rather strange champion when there is a black shadow that looks like a living object that always follows her. The first move everyone can observe is the ability to deal damage from a distance when facing Zoe right from the beginning of the video.

Even more powerful when she can summon a shadow to attack the opponent from a distance, and also fly to the target hit. You can see it right in the fight at the Dragon cave when Vex chases Tristana off. As expected, she will use the ability from a distance, then mark the target and activate it again to fly close to the target..

Not only that, the new champion Vex also has the ability to cause a panic effect on a large area. This gives her more time to deal damage to enemies hit.

League of Legends: Riot released the official trailer for the new champion Vex - photo 2

And finally, Riot Games did not forget to reveal a new skin for this cranky Yordle girl. The outfit with white and yellow tones is often seen for the brand name group.

As expected, the new champion Vex may officially debut in version 11.19 of League of Legends.


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