Leaked documents: EU will not impose price ceilings on Russian gas

Leaked documents: The EU will not impose a ceiling price on Russian gas - Photo 1.

Currently, the EU is divided on how to deal with rising energy prices, with some countries protesting against imposing price ceilings on Russian gas – Photo: REUTERS

Specifically, the draft EU regulations that The Guardian access without price caps on Russian gas nor on imported gas, after member states failed to agree on such restrictive measures last week.

However, the EU is expected to impose a tax on the “surplus” profits of companies petroleum and gas.

European Commission (EC) President Ursula von der Leyen is expected to announce Europe’s plan to deal with rising electricity prices when she delivers a speech on September 14.

The final publication is subject to change, but the draft has revealed that the EU doubts whether it will gain enough support from member states on the issue of a price ceiling on Russian gas.

EU member states that import large amounts of gas from Russia – including Hungary, Slovakia and Austria – have voiced their opposition to the imposition of a price ceiling on Russian gas because they fear Moscow will cut off the flow of gas. their country into recession.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has also threatened to stop energy exports to Europe if the EU imposes a price ceiling.

In related comments, newspaper Asia Times on September 13 that “rifts are starting to appear in the EU” about Russia-Ukraine conflict.

While countries like Italy aim to ease sanctions on Russia, The Baltic and Eastern European countries still strongly support Ukraine and take a tougher stance with Moscow.

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