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IELTS – One of the passports to university

For a long time, the IELTS certificate is not only considered a standard measure of English ability but also offers many open opportunities, such as hunting for scholarships, studying abroad or finding a dream job. to wish.

For high school students, possessing an IELTS score of 4.0 or higher helps you to be exempt from the English exam upon graduation, to be admitted directly to some universities or to be exempted from the English part of the school, which saves a lot of money. more study time.

Currently, studying IELTS at centers is quite expensive. In particular, it is more difficult for students in remote provinces to access IELTS because there are not many quality centers or teachers. Therefore, studying IELTS Online is a useful solution to solve your problems and worries on the way to conquering the IELTS certificate.

The solution for online IELTS learning named Kien Guru

The beginning of that journey is finding a reputable IELTS course. With the strength of technology and SUPER INTERACTIVE platform, Kien Guru Live launched IELTS Guru. Bringing online and offline learning experiences and new teaching methods, experienced teachers, IELTS Guru confidently meets your needs and solves all your worries.

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The super interactive class model at IELTS Guru helps increase interactivity, encouraging students to communicate entirely in English. At the same time, teachers, advisors and teaching assistants are always available to answer questions and support students throughout the learning process and even after the course has ended.

Effective 4Cs teaching method

The highlight of IELTS Guru is the 4Cs method that brings different effects: Cognitive Academic Language/Content – based tasks – Coaching – Core of practice & performance intensive practice) – Connections to the real language (Comprehensive development of language skills in practice)

This approach helps to build a solid foundation of knowledge with a system of programs that integrate academic and soft skills to develop lifelong learning capabilities and foster an individual’s passion for learning.

In addition, with the 4Cs method, students can follow a specialized individual learning path with guidance from a team of academic advisors and dedicated care throughout the course. At the same time, throughout the course, students will find their own motivation and specific orientation, changing their perception more positively about important aspects of their lives and the world around them.

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Participating in the IELTS Guru course, students receive:

– 60 hours of quality online learning according to the extremely effective 4Cs method to accelerate goal achievement.

– 15 intensive practice sessions of skills (speaking – writing by topic, pronunciation, exam room strategies,…).

– Join the IELTS test preparation community with a weekly skill challenge series.

– Join the Speaking VIP learning model in small groups, helping to maximize practice time.

– Actively monitor and understand the learning situation through reports compiled by Ant Guru’s AI technology.

– The entrance test determines the current level, detailed comments with the orientation of the learning path.

– A team of experienced teachers, always follow the learning.

– The curriculum is specially designed according to Cambridge standards.

True to its principles, IELTS Guru increasingly asserts its position of online courses by bringing great value to students through high quality lessons.

On the occasion of the new school year, IELTS Guru offers students a HUGE OFFER up to 50% for IELTS courses. Find out information and immediately contact IELTS Guru to conquer IELTS with a breakthrough score at https://bit.ly/ieltsguruT9.

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About Ant Guru:

Kien Guru is a super interactive digital education solution with leading teachers in Vietnam, meeting all the personalized learning needs of students. Kien Guru currently has 3 main products: Kien Guru Online Course; Super interactive online class with star teacher Ant Guru Live and 1-touch Problem Solving Tool Ant Robo. From there, helping students have convenient solutions, optimize learning efficiency, promote their potential and conquer their dreams.

Kien Guru is a leading technology startup in the field of education in Vietnam and a member of Ruangguru, the leading online learning platform in Indonesia, TOP 10 innovative educational institutions in the world today (innovative) in the world. year 2021. Kien Guru was established in 2019, is currently the leading digital education solution in Vietnam with Adaptive learning technology: IVQs & Adapto, Smart Recommendation has more than 2.5 million students.

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