Life skills for children aged 3-18: How to help them overcome challenges in life

This is a story shared by Ms. Nguyen Tham – an international Montessori teacher and psychologist for children aged 0-6 about how to help her children overcome challenges in life:

One day, the little girl ran back, rushed into her mother’s lap, sobbing!

– Mom, you transfer schools for me. I don’t want to go to this school anymore!

– Why so?

– Because there are some students in class who hate me. The eyes and words you treat me, I can’t stand it!

– OH! So do you know why you guys hate me?

– I do not know!

– Yeah, it’s okay.

Oh girl! Life always has 2 sides, left and right, front and back, inside and outside, black and white, right and wrong, good and bad… Humans also have front and back, hands also have 2 sides. So is the coin.

What will happen to the coin in your hand, if both sides are the same?

– Then you won’t be able to spend it!

– Great! You are very smart! So what if your baby’s body has two identical faces on both front and back?

– Oh! That way you’ll be like an alien or a monster!

– Excellent! So give me a more difficult question! What if there is above but no bottom, there is inside but no outside, there is before but no after, there is right but no false?

– If there is no bottom, how do you know which is above? If there is no outside, how do you know where is inside? If there is no after, how do you know which is before? If there is no wrong, how do you know what is right?

– My daughter is too smart!

The same is true of love and hate. Among the many friends you meet in life, there will be many who love you, and there are also those who hate you. There are people who are normal to me. No love, no hate.

There are people who love and hate, hate and then love, people come and go, people go and people come.

Everyone who comes into our life is a destiny. And also for some reason, they may no longer love or leave you. That is the law of nature.

When you obey that law of nature, you will feel happy!

Life skills for children aged 3-18: How to help them overcome challenges in life - Photo 1.

Mrs. Tham and her daughter.

When you want everything to always be the same, never change, only lovers and no haters…it’s like life is only right and not wrong.

Sometimes, life will teach you certain lessons. To test your heart, and to see how you react to it!

Only in problematic situations can people reveal their true nature.

Look back, when someone hates you. How do you feel? How do you react? This is what really matters.

– I feel sad.

– But after talking with your mother for a while, how do you feel?

– I feel much better.

– Great! Imagine, if something goes wrong, you feel unhappy, you want to change schools. Then ask, from now until you grow up, how many schools will you need to transfer?

In life, sometimes you will find that there is better than here. And when you’re there, you’ll find another better place.

When you appreciate the present, and have a grateful attitude, accept everything that happens to your life. Accept both lovers and haters, learn lessons from mistakes, then you will become more mature. And wherever you are, you always achieve happiness!

How do you feel now?

– I feel so good!

– Do you want to change schools now?

– No!

– So what will you do?

I’ll find out why you guys hate me. If you are right, I will change. If you’re wrong, just ignore it. Love it or hate it, it’s up to you!

– OH! My daughter is really big!

That’s right, daughter.

I want to share with you one more lesson:

In life, sometimes, there will be times when you make mistakes. There are some that will leave you, when you find out that you have made a mistake or bad point. Some will find it uninteresting, it’s also normal to them. Others, they will come to your side, share, encourage and analyze or give suggestions for you to become better, and not make the same mistakes next time.

And it is only in such problematic situations that it helps me to realize who is truly sincere to me.

So be grateful for all the adversities that come into your life!

Be grateful for both the sad and the happy!

Grateful to both lovers and haters!

Grateful for difficulties, challenges and opportunities, luck.

I can’t give you a flat life without challenges. Because without difficulties and challenges, you will not be able to grow! But I will give you a lot of life skills lessons, so that you can overcome all the storms of life!

Whenever there are difficulties in life, remember, mom is always a safe harbor for children to return to!

I love you!

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