Likes to eat for pleasure, live sedentary: Young people are promoting cancer to ‘knock’ earlier

3 reasons why cancer rejuvenates

Dr. Ha Hai Nam, Deputy Head of the Department of Abdominal Surgery I (K Hospital), said that during the examination, the doctor met many young cases of cancer. In which, there are cases of liver cancer under 30 years old, or breast cancer patients at 20 years old… These are cancers that were previously only seen in middle-aged subjects. onwards.

“In the past, when people talk about cancer, people usually talk about middle age or older. However, now, all types of cancer in general are young. There are patients just over 20 years old who have cancer. Cancer in young people, the risk of malignancy is often very high.” Doctor Nam said.

Explaining the fact that cancer is coming earlier in young people, Dr. Nam said that the medical level has developed, plus the level of people’s interest in health more. Therefore, many cases of cancer are detected at a very young age.

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Cancer is coming earlier for young people, illustration.

In addition, at present, agents (physical, chemical, biological…) that cause cancer have also increased such as ultraviolet rays, dyes, viruses, bacteria, etc. Currently, young people have been exposed to weak chemicals. risk factors and accumulate them earlier. For example, young people drink alcohol early, eat greasy fast food… Therefore, the process of accumulation and transformation occurs earlier than before. This promotes abnormal (cancerous) cells to grow earlier than they age.

“In the past, Vietnamese people only ate corn, potatoes, and cassava. The meal only consisted of rice, vegetables, fish or meat. This is a meal that I consider very balanced and scientific, with low risk of disease. But now, we are eating recklessly, eating fried, fried, grilled food; eating a lot of meat, eating less vegetables”. Doctor Nam said.

Another cause mentioned by Dr. Nam that makes cancer closer to young people is a sedentary lifestyle, less sedentary.

Doctor Nam commented: “Young people are focusing on phones, TV and ignoring other concerns. Many young people today stay up late. Going to bed too late will affect the body, changing the body’s homeostasis (endocrine). This causes biochemical reactions in the body not to take place in accordance with circadian rhythms, leading to cell changes and the generation of foreign cells.

Lifestyle changes, eating habits to prevent cancer

In order for cancer not to “knock on the door” early, experts advise people to minimize all risk factors. Young people in the family who have cancer should be carefully screened, because this is a group of people with a higher risk of cancer than other people.

For example, if the family has a father and his brother with colon cancer, they should go for screening and screening for colon cancer. If a family has a mother, aunt or sister with breast cancer, they need to be screened for breast cancer.

In addition, everyone should maintain regular health check-ups at least every 6 months. Everyone should note that the time for cancer screening is after the age of 30. In the group of young people with family factors plus a sedentary lifestyle will increase the risk of cancer.

According to Dr. Nam, cancer prevention is not difficult and has been talked about a lot by experts. The first thing is that young people need to have a healthy lifestyle, increase movement and balanced nutrition.

“Lifestyle has a lot to do with the incidence of cancer. For example, the increased risk of colon cancer is often due to a sedentary lifestyle, going to the toilet for a long time.

If you work in an office, you have to sit for 8 hours a day, but that doesn’t mean you have to sit still for those 8 hours. Sitting for too long will make bowel movements decrease, toxins stay in the large intestine for a long time and irritate the intestinal lining, causing ulcers and tumor formation. Doctor Nam analyzed.

Regarding eating, according to oncologists, to prevent cancer people should eat and limit the following foods:

– Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. It is better to eat products that are as natural as possible, for example, it is better to eat a clean, unpeeled apple than to drink apple juice.

Eat more foods that are high in fiber, such as vegetables and whole grains.

– Eat healthy fats such as unsaturated fats (salmon, olive oil, nuts, avocado,…) and omega; avoid saturated fats such as fried products; Limit fat from red meat.

– Limit sugar and starch.

– Limit processed meat (canned meat, sausages) and red meat (beef, pork).

– Limit frying, stir-frying, grilling food at high temperatures.

– Limit alcohol and beer.

– Do not eat food with signs of rancidity, staleness or mold.

– Food put in the microwave should use waxed paper, should not use plastic to wrap food.

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