Litter in the sea Saudi Arabia can be fined up to 121 billion

Litter into the sea Saudi Arabia can be fined up to 121 billion VND - Photo 1.

Plastic waste in the Arabian sea – Photo: Gulf News

Follow Gulf News, violations according to the latest list of Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture include littering, sewage leakage, oil spill, hazardous materials in territorial waters, exclusive economic zone and national continental shelf.

The new rule would also prohibit damaging resources such as rocks, gravel, sand and marine sediments. It is also illegal to fill up, dredging, renovate beaches, build or demolish breakwaters… without a permit from the National Center for Environmental Compliance (NCEC).

Any individual or company that violates will be severely dealt with. Abdullah Al-Mutairi, a spokesman for the NCEC, said the code would ensure the implementation of a pollution monitoring program and the sustainable development of the marine economy.

“There will be a table detailing the penalties for anyone who violates the latest set of marine environmental protection rules. In some cases, a fine of up to 20 million SR, about 5 million USD.” Mr. Al-Mutairi said. This figure is equivalent to 121 billion Vietnamese dong, which is considered one of the “super” fines related to the environment.

Al-Mutairi added that, in addition to the above code, the country will also implement many plans for scientific research and improve the quality of the country’s coastal and marine environment.


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