Live hog price today September 23: Continue to reduce 1,000 – 5,000 VND/kg

Live hog price today in the North plummeted by 5,000 VND/kg

Live hog price in the North was adjusted down from 1,000 VND/kg to 5,000 VND/kg today.

Accordingly, Thai Nguyen is currently purchasing at the price of 59,000 VND/kg, down 5,000 VND/kg compared to yesterday.

Yen Bai, Lao Cai, Hung Yen, Nam Dinh, Phu Tho, Thai Binh, Ha Nam, Ninh Binh and Tuyen Quang decreased by 2,000 VND/kg to 60,000-63,000 VND/kg.

After a slight decrease of 1,000 VND/kg, Vinh Phuc and Bac Giang respectively traded live pigs for 61,000 VND/kg and 62,000 VND/kg respectively.

Thus, the price of live pigs today in the North fluctuates between 59,000 – 63,000 VND/kg.Live hog prices in many localities continued to decline.

Local Price (VND) Increase/decrease (VND)
Hanoi 60.000 No increase, no decrease
peaceful 63.000 2,000 yen off
Yen Bai 60.000 2,000 yen off
Ha Nam 61.000 2,000 yen off
Phu-Tho 62.000 2,000 yen off

The lowest price of live pigs today in the Central and Central Highlands is 56,000 VND/kg

The live pig market in the Central region and the Central Highlands decreased from 1,000 VND/kg to 2,000 VND/kg, ranging from 56,000 to 62,000 VND/kg.

Specifically, Quang Tri, Thua Thien Hue, Thanh Hoa, Nghe An and Ha Tinh reduced 1,000-2,000 VND/kg, now buying live pigs for 61,000 VND/kg.

After slightly lowering one to two prices, Dak Lak and Binh Thuan are trading at 56,000 VND/kg, the lowest in the region.

Lam Dong and Ninh Thuan continued to move sideways today, pork price leveled off slightly at 59,000 VND/kg.

Local Price (VND) Increase/decrease (VND)
Thanh Hoa 61.000 2,000 yen off
Nghe An 61.000 2,000 yen off
Quang Tri 61.000 1,000 yen off
Hue 61.000 1,000 yen off

Live hog price today in the South decreased by 1,000-2,000 VND/kg

In the South, live hog prices continued to decrease in a few places in the region today.

Accordingly, Dong Nai and Ho Chi Minh City decreased by 2,000 VND/kg, currently trading at 58,000 VND/kg.

Binh Phuoc, Binh Duong, Vung Tau, Dong Thap, An Giang, Tien Giang and Bac Lieu are buying together at 59,000 VND/kg, down 1,000 VND/kg compared to yesterday.

Long An continues to anchor at the highest threshold in the region at 64,000 VND/kg.

Thus, today’s live hog price in the South fluctuates between 57,000 – 64,000 VND/kg.

Local Price (VND) Increase/decrease (VND)
Ho Chi Minh City 58.000 2,000 yen off
Dong Nai 58.000 2,000 yen off
Binh Duong 59.000 1,000 yen off
Can Tho 58.000 No increase, no decrease
Ca Mai 60.000 No increase, no decrease

Pork prices drop from 4-10%

According to a survey by PV at some markets in Hanoi such as Van Chuong, Kim Lien, Kham Thien (Dong Da), Phung Khoang market (Thanh Xuan), Tu Hiep market (Thanh Tri), pork prices have started to show signs of improvement. cooling effect when bacon is only 130-140 thousand VND/kg; Young ribs cost from 140-150 thousand VND/kg; lean pork shoulder, lean loin 120 thousand VND/kg; The buttock is 100, the shoulder is only 100 thousand VND/kg…

However, at some supermarkets, the price of pork is still at 119 – 260 thousand VND/kg. Specifically, boneless and lean pork legs cost 135-140 thousand VND/kg; three only cost 177 thousand VND/kg; young ribs cost 160 thousand VND/kg; The price of ham is 119 thousand VND/kg. The highest is cinnamon bacon at 250-260 thousand VND/kg.

Although the price of pork in the market has decreased, it is not significant. According to calculations, the price of pork from the barn door to the dining table is up to 1.5-1.7 times different and when the price is high, neither farmers nor consumers benefit.

The price of pork today 22/09/2022 recorded at Bach Hoa Xanh brand CP, Meat Master continued to decrease by 4 – 9%, especially the brands Bach Khoa XANH, G Kitchen did not adjust compared to yesterday. Currently, pork products fluctuate in the range of 32,500 – 129,000 VND.

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