“Lonely cave” house in Spain: The exterior looks simple, but the interior is surprisingly comfortable

Referring to caves, many people will think of a dark, cold place. In reality, however, caves can provide ideal living conditions. Because it is cool in the summer and warm in the winter. In addition, the cave is particularly environmentally friendly.

In Spain, this is a famous way of life because there are thousands of people still living in caves. Some of their cave houses are really fancy and comfortable.

If you’ve ever wanted to experience living like the ancients, this is the right time. An Airbnb called Cuevas Almagruz in Spain is offering visitors the chance to live in a large, ancient cave in Purullena, Granada.


The cave house seen from the outside. Photo: Airbnb.

Decorated with unique furniture and a huge outdoor swimming pool, Cuevas Almagruz offers guests an unexpectedly luxurious resort space.

Furthermore, it welcomes guests with a fully equipped kitchen. The bed provides a relaxing and elegant atmosphere, and it even has Wi-Fi.

Located just half an hour’s drive from Granada, guests can easily explore the surrounding mountains from the property and thanks to its location in the valley. This is also a suitable place for those who love stargazing.


Visitors can learn about the history of cave life in Cuevas Almagruz’s private museum. Photo: Airbnb.

In southern Spain, caves were first used to shelter humans from wild storms and predators. Now, these structures are home to unique communities. They are the people who have moved away from modern life to find the peaceful solitude of the mountains.

Many cave houses in Granada have direct views of the surrounding mountains, providing great vistas for guests to experience.

The cave houses in Spain are a testament to the kind of sustainable tourism. Their optimal insulation results in energy savings of up to 50%. The cave houses also have a high level of sound insulation to prevent noise pollution, helping visitors connect with nature.

At the same time, resting in a cave house is considered an experience worth trying for any visitor when visiting Granada.

Sharing with National Geographic, resident Tocuato Lopez said that four generations of his family have been in the cave. The caves provide shelter from the unbearable summer heat but more importantly, they provide a deep sense of community. “I’m very proud of being born and living in a cave.”

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