Lonely life of the sexiest man in the world

The lonely life of the sexiest man in the world - Photo 1.

Peaceful childhood

Brad Pitt was born in 1963, the eldest in a family of three children. The actor grew up in Springfield, Missouri, USA in a devout middle-class family.

Brad Pitt describes his father as a man of integrity, both tough and moderate. Brad Pitt’s parents’ moral rules influenced him quite a bit in how he raised his children later.

“One thing my parents always emphasized was to put in the effort and do things for yourself,” Brad said.

The lonely life of the sexiest man in the world - Photo 2.

Brad Pitt said that he had a good childhood, especially when compared to his father, who grew up in poverty. “My father is determined not to let his children grow up in poverty. He wants to give his children more opportunities than he ever had so that we can have a better life. He has done a lot. work for the children,” Brad Pitt recounted.

Studied journalism

Pitt enrolled at the University of Missouri, USA in 1982. He majored in journalism with a focus on advertising. As graduation approached, Brad Pitt still didn’t feel ready to settle down.

He loves cinema, however as a kid from Missouri, a career in film never came to him as an option.

All that changed right before Brad Pitt graduated from college in 1986. Brad Pitt said: “I realized that all my friends had jobs. They applied for jobs and got jobs. different while I did nothing A friend told me he was going to Los Angeles, USA and then I decided to drop out of college and go to California, USA There, I started studying acting and doing odd jobs”.

The lonely life of the sexiest man in the world - Photo 3.

Career path

When Brad Pitt moved to Los Angeles, USA, he bought newspapers, read ads to get a part-time job. Brad Pitt started a part-time job within a week and felt really happy when things started like that.

Young Brad Pitt also spent the first few months in Los Angeles, USA working as a limousine driver, delivering refrigerators. At the same time, Pitt took acting classes and met his agent through a classmate.

After Brad Pitt worked as an actor for a few years, when he joined the movie Thelma & Louise by Ridley Scott in 1990, his career in Hollywood really took off.

The actor said, “I’m really grateful to Ridley Scott and Geena Davis, who gave me the opportunity to be in that movie because it’s a big movie project. I have nothing to express myself except for. my part-time jobs, but they gave me a chance.” Pitt understood that it was a great role and an important stepping stone for him to move into Hollywood and participate in bigger film projects.

After the success of the movie Thelma & LouiseBrad Pitt’s Hollywood career began to advance. He got the main role in the movie A River Runs Through It by Robert Redford. While Pitt was a bit critical of his acting in an interview, he also stated that “the film is a beautiful story that I understand because that’s how I grew up”.

Brad Pitt’s next successful role in Legends Of The Fall cemented his place in Hollywood’s Top Young Famous Stars and took him further on his A-list orbit.

Not only was praised for his acting ability, Brad Pitt was also awarded the title of Sexiest Man in the World by People magazine in 1995. He received this honor at the same time he was nominated for the first Academy Award in the film. Career in the category of Best Supporting Actor for his role in a movie Twelve Monkeys.

Movie Fight Club Brad Pitt’s 1998 film has become a classic in the hearts of fans. While the film wasn’t too box-office breakthrough, Pitt’s extremely toned and muscular body in the film has become as famous and loved as the interesting lines in the film.

Between 2000 and 2005, Brad Pitt became the “star” of blockbusters like Ocean’s 11, Troy, Mr. and Mrs. Smith… Mr. and Mrs. Smith Not only was it a global success, but it was also an important milestone for both Brad Pitt and the female lead Angelina Jolie.

The U60 actor confided that he felt that music helped him fill his sadness. “I think joy is a newer and late discovery. I think I’ve spent many years living with low-grade depression and until I faced it, I tried to embrace every aspect of it. side of oneself, whether good or bad.

I have always felt very lonely in my life. I’ve been lonely since I was a kid. It’s really not until recently that I have been surrounded by friends and family more.”

The veteran star said that working and feeling art helps him feel less lonely. “Art is something that can’t be explained. Art is something that gives you goose bumps, hairs on the back of your neck, stings in your eyes. Maybe it’s because someone else understood it before you, so you’re not alone. poison”.

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