‘Love meal’ in Can Tho for anti-epidemic checkpoints

A loving meal in Can Tho for anti-epidemic checkpoints - Photo 1.

Almost 2 months since Can Tho city social distancing until now, Mrs. Hanh’s house is always full of the aroma of food – Photo: CHI Cong

On the morning of September 3, Mrs. Nguyen Thi Hong Hanh in Thoi Binh ward, Ninh Kieu district, Can Tho city, went to the market to stabilize prices in the ward to buy tofu, pork and cowpea to cook a “loving meal”.

Ms. Hanh said that initially, her family cooked more than 100 meals a day for local COVID-19 tracing forces. Later, she switched to cooking 40 servings of rice a day for soldiers and students who volunteered to guard the “green zone” in Thoi Binh ward, so that they could be healthy and perform their duties well.

In addition to the vegetable products donated by benefactors, every day Ms. Hanh spends about 400,000 VND (sometimes her friends also contribute some money) to the market to buy fresh meat and fish to supplement.

A loving meal in Can Tho for anti-epidemic checkpoints - Photo 2.

Today’s dish sent to the uncles, brothers and volunteers guarding the green area is tofu stuffed with pork and stir-fried cowpeas with garlic – Photo: CHI Cong

“Uncle, the soldiers guarding the rain and sunshine are just hard, so I need to cook carefully. You eat like my family eats. If you are healthy, do well in anti-epidemic duties, relatives and friends will be I live here with peace of mind,” said Ms. Hanh.

To Hoang Kha Vy, a student at Can Tho Tourism College, received a lunch box from Ms. Hanh, saying that she had volunteered to guard the green area in alley 6, Thoi Binh ward for more than half a month. During this time, Vy was very interested by people living in the area, who sent filtered water, cake, fruit and especially Mrs. Hanh who always cooked delicious meals to “treat” Vy and everyone for free. people every day.

“She cooks very well. When I eat the rice she cooks, I miss the family meal in my hometown very much. The food that Ms. Hanh sends constantly changes dishes, in the morning I eat fried noodles with meat, in the afternoon I will cook rice with braised duck with duck seed. , fried fish or salty ram pork served with squash soup, boiled vegetables…”, Vy said.

A loving meal in Can Tho for anti-epidemic checkpoints - Photo 3.

To Hoang Kha Vy (left cover) said that the dish that Ms. Hanh cooked was very delicious – Photo: CHI CON

Ms. Lu Thi Kim Dung (73 years old, Hanh’s mother) said that her family runs a small business selling rice for a living. Since the day Can Tho city social distancing to prevent the COVID-19 epidemic, Ms. Hanh’s family used the profit from selling rice earned in the previous time to cook thousands of meals of gratitude to send to the soldiers guarding the gate.

“I help my son pick vegetables, cook fish, cook rice and cook food, and then I help him in the box. I support him to do this because this is what needs to be done. As long as the gatekeepers eat well, my mother and I are happy. It’s been a while. I don’t feel miserable at all. My family just does all the distance, “Mrs. Dung said.

“There are also people who contribute vegetables and little money to cook, but that contribution is not equal to the fact that Hanh has just spent her pocket money and worked hard to cook during the past time. The gatekeepers and relatives here appreciate it. Mrs. Hanh’s heart is very good”, said Ms. Le Thi Hong Nga, head of area 2, Thoi Binh ward, Ninh Kieu district.

A loving meal in Can Tho for anti-epidemic checkpoints - Photo 4.

The small kitchen of Mrs. Hanh’s house has cooked more than 3,000 meals to send to the soldiers fighting the epidemic – Photo: CHI CONG

Pieces of rice from the heart Pieces of rice from the heart

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