Ly Nhuoc Dong recreates the scene of sleeping on the rope in “The Condor Heroes” to celebrate his 56th birthday

On August 16, Ly Nhuoc Dong officially turned 56 years old. To celebrate this special occasion, Hong Kong beauty posted on her personal Weibo a video recording her reenactment of the sleeping scene of the character Tieu Long Nu. in “The Condor Heroes” version 1995 – one of the classic Chinese television works, making the name of Ly Ruo Dong.

In the video, Ly Nhuoc Dong wears white tight-fitting workout clothes, exalting her slim, toned and much younger body than her real age. Not using ropes like in the movie, the beauty of the Ly family uses white silk ropes to perform flexible and skillful aerial yoga movements.

“The 56-year-old aunt has a martial art that is not inferior to Tieu Long Nu when she slept on the rope 27 years ago,” Ly Nhuoc Dong shared.

Ly Nhuoc Dong recreated the scene of sleeping on the rope in

Ly Nhuoc Dong is confident that the age of 56 is not inferior to Tieu Long Nu 27 years ago.

Also through the video, the star “Thien Long Bat Bo” gave the answer to the question: “Are you afraid of getting old?”. Accordingly, Ly Nhuoc Dong affirms that he is not afraid of old age. “Just being afraid of not being motivated, not necessarily having high expectations, not being unrealistic, always making demands on yourself to live a life that is not in vain,” she emphasized.

Ly Nhuoc Dong’s new post received tens of thousands of “Likes” and thousands of comments. Everyone sent birthday wishes to “auntie”, praised the “ageless” physique as well as expressed admiration for the actress’s persistence in body training.

Ly Nhuoc Dong joined C-biz in 1990. During the three decades of her career, she always kept her real age a secret. It wasn’t until 2 years ago that the beauty first publicly hid the secret for 3 decades on her 54th birthday. She revealed her real birth year was 1966, not 1973 as the public mistakenly believed.

Ly Nhuoc Dong recreated the scene of sleeping on the wire in

Ly Nhuoc Dong is one of the symbols for the “ageless beauty” of C-biz.

This information shocked fans in China and many Asian countries because Ly Ruo Dong’s appearance really stood the test of time. If you just look at the pictures, she looks like she’s in her 30s.

Along with announcing the real age, Ly Nhuoc Dong also answered questions related to not being married. She affirmed, the ideal marriage is to meet the right person, at the right time, not just temporarily, get it. For Ly Nhuoc Dong, women after 30 are no longer in their peak period is a misconception.

Photo: Sina

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