Malaysian fans are embarrassed because the national stadium is criticized as a flooded field

Malaysia Tel was selected by AFC as the host of Group E VL Asian Cup 2023, their opponents in the group are Bahrain, Turkmenistan and Bangladesh, respectively. Taking advantage of the home field advantage, Manh Tiger did not hesitate to choose Bukit Jalil Stadium – the national stadium of this team.

However, due to recent times, the weather in Kuala Lumpur is not really favorable when it rains continuously. This has partly caused the Bukit Jalil stadium of Malaysia to fall into a state of heavy flooding. Even before the match between Malaysia and Bahrain took place, the AFC considered postponing the match to wait for the stadium to run out of water. But after that, the match was still played normally and Manh Tiger received an unfortunate 1-2 reverse defeat.

“If the match hadn’t happened, we would have seen a rice field because this much water would have been stored long enough to wait for the rice to ripen.” Mei Dar made a mockery.

“Actually, I’m not angry because watching our national stadium (Bukit Jalil) return to our childhood. The time when we played football to herd buffalo right in the middle of rice fields.” Alif Azali commented.

“It would be very proud, our National Stadium has to use a garbage shovel to drain the water”, Sabri Abdullah said bitterly.

Malaysian fans are embarrassed because the national stadium is criticized as a flooded field - Photo 1.

According to Malaysian media reports, due to heavy rain, the organizers of Bukit Jalil Stadium were forced to use the most manual way of draining water, which is to use a shovel and a hoe to push the water. Previously, the CEO of the stadium, Mr. Faidz Sanusi, had expressed his desire to postpone the match, but the organizers still decided to let the match take place as usual. In addition, Mr. Faidz Sanusi was also not satisfied with the way BTC handled the situation, because using a shovel and hoe will affect the quality of the grass.

Malaysia’s defeat at home to Bahrain made the flood of Bukit Jalil Stadium seem to have added fuel to the fire. Currently, all over the social networking forum, Manh Ho’s fans are still arguing fiercely.

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