Man who beat woman in pub gets 24 years in prison

ChinaChen, the main culprit in the assault on women at a pub in Hebei province in June, was sentenced to 24 years in prison.

A Chinese court today concluded that Chen Ge Tu beat women after they protested against his harassment at a pub in Tangshan city, Hebei province, China, yesterday. 10/6.

Tran was sentenced to 24 years in prison by the court for a series of crimes including disorderly conduct, intentional injury, robbery, and gathering in a crowd to assault. He was also fined 320,000 yuan ($45,000).

Tran’s remaining 27 accomplices in the assault were sentenced to between 6 months and 11 years in prison.

When investigating Tran after beating women at a pub in Hebei, the police also discovered that this man was the leader of a gang that caused trouble for people and had been guilty of organizing gambling since 2012.

The thug who beat the woman in the pub received 24 years in prison

The attacker attacked a woman in a restaurant in Tangshan city, Hebei province, on June 10. Video: The Paper.

After Tran’s assault, the deputy police station in Tangshan and five policemen were fired for “delayed and inappropriate” handling. The Hebei Disciplinary Inspection Commission investigated 15 police and officials in Tangshan. An initial investigation revealed that eight policemen were accused of abuse of power, violations of regulations, bribery and accepting bribes.

The assault sparked outrage across China as the video of the incident garnered hundreds of millions of views in less than a day and became the most discussed topic on social media at the time.

Many expressed horror, others criticized the police for not taking action until the incident made headlines on social media.

Ngoc Anh (Theo AFP)

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