Mang Den is gradually becoming the new “dream paradise” of the tourism association

A cool, fresh air at Mang Den brings excitement and enjoyment to visitors not only in beauty, food but also special cultural features.

Where is Mang Den?

As a small village in Kon Plong district, Kon Tum province, Mang Den has “reached out” to become a formidable tourist destination on the mountain tourism map. Mang Den village has an altitude of up to 1200m above sea level, it is still a plateau in the Truong Son range, so it has a temperate mountainous climate, cool and foggy all year round, so it is likened to “miniature Da Lat”. “Amidst the Great Thousand.

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A quiet town for those looking for a peaceful place

If anyone has a passion for the vast forests, poetic hills and mountains with quiet features but does not like crowded and crowded places, then Mang Den is the ideal place that you should go to. Although it has not yet developed tourism like Da Lat or Gia Lai, Dak Lak, tourists love it because the village still retains its wild, quiet appearance through the seasons. From the city center, drive to the road tens of kilometers long along Mang Den village, experience the feeling of crossing the pass roads, watching the green valley and the fog spreading, it is truly unmatched. plain.

Photo: Nguyen Thanh Hang

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Not only are the roads quiet, but this place also gives us a feeling of peace and comfort when there are villages of ethnic people in the valley, sloping hills or rice fields. real vast, bowl bowl. Mang Den is also famous for its gentle waterfalls like the surrounding air. Coming here, you will immerse yourself in the rhythm of the local people, will feel life slow down and enjoy the holidays to recharge your spirit. This beauty always surprises those who come for the first time, if they can watch the sunset down the highway or the village with thatched roofs, everyone just wants to stay forever with Mang Den.

What are some places in Mang Den that young people are so “enthralled” with?

Mang Den now always has many super cool places to visit and “virtual life” that no one can ignore. Still a pristine ecological area, Mang Den still retains many rich natural landscapes and everything is the most original.

Pa Sy Waterfall

As a waterfall made up of 3 largest streams in Mang Den, the waterfall is not as loud or majestic as other waterfalls in the Central Highlands but is gentle by white streams.

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Mang Den pine forest

Mang Den pine forest is crossed by asphalt roads and trails like a more secluded version of Da Lat pine forest. Here, there are pine trees that have existed for a long time, standing tall and shaking people’s hearts.

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Grass hill

The grassy strips stretching on the hillsides are the ideal “check-in” place for those who want to enjoy the feeling of being immersed in the vast sky. The fresh, fresh air of these green hills makes people feel relaxed and light.

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Mang Den is gradually becoming the new

If you have the opportunity to come here, try once to walk on the pine-covered roads on both sides to hear the whisper of leaves when the wind blows through bringing a little coolness of the fog. Dropping your soul in the beautiful natural scenery of Mang Den will make any visitor have a little love to stay in the mountains and forests of the Central Highlands.

Mang Den is gradually becoming the new

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