Many European countries force people to use COVID-19 certificates

Many European countries use COVID-19 certificates as a way to force people to get vaccinated. If you don’t have a certificate, you won’t be able to enter some places, take more time, suffer a lot of trouble, and even spend money every time you need to take a test.

Many people oppose vaccine passports, because they do not like being forced to get vaccinated. Vaccinated people don’t like the feeling of having to leave their mark every time they go to nightclubs, bars, or places where they don’t want people to know they go.

Mr. David Ross – Londoner (England) said: “I’m fully vaccinated, don’t need a vaccine passport. Every year, get a seasonal flu shot, no need to certify anything, just let life go on as usual.”

Many European countries force people to use COVID-19 certificates - Photo 1.

Service businesses are also not keen on having to check customers’ COVID certificates. In some countries like France, businesses are only allowed to work employees with COVID-19 certificates, which is also a way to force people to be vaccinated.

Mr. Virgile Grunberg – Restaurant owner Le Square Gardette (France) shared: “Before opening the shop, we have to check every employee to see if they have a certificate or not. Under the new rules we will have to check every day like that, I don’t know how long.”

COVID-19 certificates or vaccine passports are largely related to vaccination rates. The UK has given 2 doses of the vaccine to more than 80% of people over 16 years old, thinking that this annoying measure can be stopped.

Mr. Sajid Javid – UK Health Secretary said: “We have considered and will not deploy the vaccine passport. However, this plan is still a potential option in the future.”

In European countries, imposing or abolishing COVID-19 certification has little to do with infection or mortality rates, which country still imposes this measure on its own citizens, i.e. vaccination rates in the country? that’s not high enough. Most Europeans believe that COVID-19 certificates should only be imposed on foreign tourists.

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