Mayor Kherson admits the city has fallen

Mayor Kherson admits the city has fallen - Photo 1.

Tanks (front) and Russian military vehicles run on the streets of Kherson on March 3 – Photo: REUTERS

Kherson is considered a strategically important port city of nearly 300,000 inhabitants, located in the south of Ukraine, near the Black Sea. This is where the fierce fighting took place for many hours.

According to Reuters news agency, mayor Igor Kolykhayev acknowledged that Russian soldiers had entered the building where the city council is located. He also urged Russian soldiers not to shoot civilians.

In a press release, Kolykhayev confirmed that Ukrainian soldiers were no longer in the city.

Thus, this development is consistent with the previous statement of Igor Konachenkov – Russian military spokesman: “Russian military units have completely controlled the capital of the Kherson region.”

This is an important victory for the Russian military since it launched a special military operation into Ukraine from February 24.

The Russian military announced that it had surrounded the city of Kherson since February 27. According to AFP news agency, on March 1, it began to enter Kherson and set up checkpoints on the outskirts of the city.

Mayor Kherson then urged people not to leave their homes during the curfew. Fierce fighting took place in this city between Russian and Ukrainian troops.

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