MC Tuyet Ngan: Leading the Olympia for the first time is a new milestone in the profession

Leading Olympia for the first time, going to Son La for the first time…

Having never participated in the Olympia program, what fate brought Tuyet Ngan to the final this year?

For about a year in the North, Ngan feels fortunate to have been given the opportunity to lead many radio branded programs such as: Morning coffeeor even new formats like Poinsettias… Perhaps because of Ngan’s personality and style of leading towards closeness and dynamism, plus the belief of the members in the team… Ngan was assigned the task of hosting the program at Cau Son spot. La of Olympia this year. Working with young, enthusiastic and dynamic students… with Ngan, it’s considered the “right lesson”.

When being trusted by the team to “hold” such a direct bridge, how do you feel?

At first it was bursting, then happy, then worried. Road to Olympia In addition to being a big program of VTV, for Ngan, it also has a special place, because in the past, when I participated in the Rainbow contest, I competed in the Olympia round. The feeling from a contestant who borrowed the Olympia stage as a hypothetical stage to practice for the exam, to one day actually holding a bridge point is difficult to describe. But really proud!

MC Tuyet Ngan: Leading the Olympia for the first time is a new milestone in the profession - Photo 1.

Tuyet Ngan is behind the scenes rehearsing the bridge point in Son La.

What did Tuyet Ngan prepare for this mission?

I took the time to read many things about Son La – a place that I never had the opportunity to set foot in before. Although actually on the wave, the duration of each bridge may not be long, only a few minutes, but Ngan wants it to be the most unique information, conveying the most faith and motivation to Anh Duc. And fortunate to have a great team, supporting Ngan all the way.

When you first set foot in Son La leading the Olympia bridge, how do you feel?

Originally, the first time was special enough, but this business trip was also my first many times. The first time I hosted Olympia, the first time I went to Son La, the first time Son La had a bridge in the final…

All of this has created a very emotional level of excitement and excitement. Ngan considers this opportunity as a new milestone in her career as a presenter. So besides conquering, I want to enjoy it too.

Is Ngan under pressure to be an important link in a special final with an experienced team?

The MCs at other bridges are all veterans of Radio, such as Mr. Ngoc Huy, Mr. Tran Ngoc, Mr. Duc Bao, Ms. Hoang Linh… or Khanh Vy who have also accompanied Olympia for a long time. Only Tuyet Ngan is really a brand new MC, which also makes me a little pressured, but it’s the pressure that I’m afraid I’m not good enough. Working with an experienced and professional team is every MC’s dream.

MC Tuyet Ngan: Leading the Olympia for the first time is a new milestone in the profession - Photo 2.

The more I learn, the more I respect Anh Duc

Can Tuyet Ngan reveal what style you will lead at Son La bridge point?

I’ve been following Olympia as a fan of the show over the years, so I’ve also seen how they lead. Each of them has their own characteristics and I think I was chosen because of the style I already have. That’s why I will refine myself to fit the program while still keeping my own characteristics.

Ngan just said you follow Olympia like a fan. What do you like most about this show?

Olympia has been hot for decades with many generations. Watching the show, the audience will find everything from good knowledge to information, to the thrill of each race of the contestants, to the pride of their relatives or locals. she… I like to see very talented people in the shape of citizens who will contribute a lot to the country in the future.

Can Ngan reveal about Anh Duc and Son La bridge before the final match?

When I was just a spectator of Olympia, to me, Anh Duc was a good contestant, and when I became the MC at Son La bridge, to me, Anh Duc was like an idol. The more I learn, the more I respect this student. Both of Germany’s parents are in bad health, and on the day of the year’s final exam, Germany could not come to Germany at the S14 studio. Anh Duc is really a very strong guy!

MC Tuyet Ngan: Leading the Olympia for the first time is a new milestone in the profession - Photo 3.

Climber Anh Duc – contestant from Son La will compete in the final match.

After the title of Rainbow runner-up, how has Ngan’s job changed?

Rainbow brings Ngan many opportunities. I moved to Hanoi to live, away from my family, so I was more independent. But I have good colleagues, good seniors, and have opportunities that I never thought a girl majoring in Language Arts like me could have. I really get to live with it.

Can Ngan reveal personal plans and goals in the MC profession as well as the television profession?

Any MC wants to be remembered and loved by the audience and so does Ngan. I want to take a path that can be slow but sure, I am willing to try many experiences to grow in leadership. And I also want to inspire other fellow conductors that, if Tuyet Ngan can do it, there’s no reason why they can’t! If you’re in love, just keep pursuing it!

The final match of Road to Olympia in the 22nd year will be televised live on VTV3 at 8:30am on Sunday (October 2, 2022) and reported online on VTV News.

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