Millionaire kills ex-wife’s $14,000 pet fish

BrotherMillionaire Haines was sentenced to 16 months in prison for sneaking into his ex-wife Caerphilly’s house and killing her nearly $14,000 fish in revenge.

Newport Crown Court on September 14 tried recycling company millionaire Anthony Haines, 51, for breaking into the home of his ex-wife Jane, 52, in Caerphilly, Wales in June. Haines cut off the power to his wife’s home. old, killing a fish worth nearly $14,000.

Haines also slashed a photograph of his ex-wife and her boyfriend, rummaged through a drawer in the bedroom and stabbed a knife into a cutting board and kitchen cupboard. After admitting to breaking into and causing criminal damage, the millionaire was sentenced to 16 months in prison.

Millionaire Anthony Haines.  Photo: Wales News Service.

Millionaire Anthony Haines. Photo: Wales News Service.

“Jane was suspicious of her ex-husband from the beginning. She said he was jealous because she started a new life,” prosecutor Laurence Jones said, adding that since the couple separated and moved on to a divorce. After all the divorce proceedings, Haines made his ex-wife’s life “like hell”.

Haines in 2019 was also jailed for threatening ex-wife Jane and her boyfriend with a large kitchen knife.

During the June break-in, Haines drank heavily before breaking into Jane’s house. Haines’ attorney, Marian Lewis, said the client regrets what he did and that it was acting while intoxicated. “My client wouldn’t behave like that while sober. He made a huge mistake,” Lewis added.

According to Lewis, Haines’ daughter also wrote a letter describing him as “a father, a grandfather who deeply loves his children”. Millionaire Haines has built his own business and helped his family have a high standard of living.

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