Miss H’Hen Niê suddenly spoke up when her name was called into the ‘rubbish job’ case

On the social network recently appeared an article to denounce a Miss “burning job” to do other things, surprising many people. Accordingly, the article has the following content: “Heard there was a certain Miss Fox who got something to do with an agency book, it’s over, this friend reported it to her boss, in general, it’s all over. Miss fox. also promised to support this baby a lot, and finally that day, at that time, Miss fox went to do other things, messed up her job so that the other employee was cursed by her boss too much. God, I didn’t know you changed from a cat to a fox a long time ago.”

This incident was called “office hour drama” by netizens. Immediately many people called Miss H’Hen Niê. On the Instagram page of the post-Ede native, when asked by a fan: “People are accusing you of being in the drama during office hours, please speak up”. In response to a fan’s question, H’Hen Niê denied it, saying: “Oh thank you! I hope they really work with me and make sure that situation doesn’t happen! your work once to create more value for the next work opportunity”.

Previously, on the beauty forum, there was also an account that publicly commented on the style that Miss H’Hen Nie has recently worn. Accordingly, this person said: “Honestly, my comment is completely a very good idea… And obviously, I didn’t criticize Hen for being ugly or anything, I just said that Hen should choose. choosing clothes as well as makeup – hairdo is more suitable.. And frankly, I’m afraid to criticize Hen because Hen’s fans are outrageous, I think it’s not just me but maybe some people feel the same way as I do. but it seems that the Top 5 Miss Universe shirt obscures everything. Never listens to comments. Every time I get criticized, I bounce back.”

Miss HHen Niê suddenly spoke up when her name was called into the job scandal - Photo 2.

After a few hours of posting, this netizen’s comment quickly attracted the attention of the public with mixed opinions. Before this noise, H’Hen Niê also responded. The Ede-origin beauty candidly expressed: “Hen appreciates everyone’s contributions from the time he was a contestant to the present time and even in the future. But sometimes there will be times and times, other times as well. Satisfied with most people, sometimes people remind me. When Hen himself appears, there are times when he doesn’t feel satisfied with himself since then and tries to fix it. What is certain is that Hen’s team is very loving and always gives the best for Hen.”

The queen’s latest statement has scored full points in front of the beauty fan community by her positive and civilized way of thinking.

Photo: Internet

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