Miss Mai Phuong: ‘Maybe Bao Ngoc, Phuong Nhi will later become Miss’

Visiting Tien Phong newspaper on August 24, the top 3 Miss World Vietnam (MWVN) 2022 all had very special emotions, especially when Mai Phuong and Bao Ngoc both came from the Miss Vietnam 2020 contest organized by Tien newspaper. Phong organizes and has achieved certain achievements. Mai Phuong reached the top 5 and won the Beauty of Mercy award, while Bao Ngoc also reached the top 22 in her first beauty contest.

In an exchange with readers of Tien Phong newspaper on the same day, MWVN 2022 received many interesting questions from readers who love their beauty and knowledge.

Miss Mai Phuong: Maybe Bao Ngoc and Phuong Nhi will later become Miss - Photo 2.

Top 3 Miss World Vietnam 2022 in an exchange with Tien Phong newspaper.

Sharing about the process of cultivating and training themselves after the Miss Vietnam 2020 contest to reach success at Miss World Vietnam 2022, Mai Phuong and Bao Ngoc revealed interesting behind-the-scenes stories.

Mai Phuong said that after the Beauty of Mercy award at the Miss Universe 2020 contest, she had the opportunity to accompany the charity activities of Tien Phong newspaper and participate in the arts, which helped Mai Phuong become more confident than before. lens.

Miss Mai Phuong: Maybe Bao Ngoc and Phuong Nhi will later become Miss - Photo 3.

To prepare for MWVN 2022, Mai Phuong had a very clear plan, perfected herself, and improved her physique. “Phuong always thinks that she must always change and create something new when she appears and has her own mark. Coming to MWVN, Phuong brings the mentality of a “warrior”, blood and fire until the last moment to see if she can peel off her old self. In the past, Phuong was still very shy, so she accidentally missed opportunities that she should have had. Sitting here today as a reigning Miss, but that doesn’t mean Mai Phuong will stop but always strive to improve herself every day,” she said.

Mai Phuong also affirmed: “The efforts of all three have been recognized and the crown is not the final destination but just the beginning of an upcoming journey, maybe Bao Ngoc or Phuong Nhi will also be in the future. How about becoming Miss when competing internationally?”

Miss Mai Phuong: Maybe Bao Ngoc and Phuong Nhi will later become Miss - Photo 4.

Meanwhile, Bao Ngoc shared that in the past 2 years, she did not try to do anything too big, but focused on experiencing life and letting herself grow up. “In recent months, Ngoc has just decided to attend Miss World Vietnam 2022 and in the process of returning, Ngoc is very determined to improve what she lacks, especially performance skills. Ngoc’s goal is to make herself comfortable when standing on stage, but I think I’ve improved a lot more than I thought, so in the end, Ngoc won the Fashion Beauty award. When standing on stage, Ngoc always tries to enjoy the most beautiful moments.”

Mai Phuong also shared that Bao Ngoc is a very cute girl and has accompanied her the most in the Miss World Vietnam 2022 contest. “When going to the contest Mai Phuong and Bao Ngoc were in the same room. The only inconvenience is that Ngoc’s legs are too long, so she accidentally kicked Phuong out of bed (laughs). Phuong can ask Bao Ngoc to take things from above and feels like she protects her like a bodyguard “- Mai Phuong said.

Meanwhile, Bao Ngoc shares with a height of 1m85, she always sits in the last row. “Now wearing a crown to go through the door must also be careful, afraid of losing the crown” – the tall runner witted.

Bao Ngoc has just been announced to become the representative of Vietnam to participate in the Miss Intercontinental contest – Miss Intercontinental 2022. Sharing this honor, she said: “Coming to MWVN, Ngoc feels that she has the right criteria. If she can represent Vietnam in an international competition, Ngoc will not mind participating in any contest because every crown will enhance Vietnamese beauty.”

Miss Mai Phuong: Maybe Bao Ngoc and Phuong Nhi will later become Miss - Photo 5.

After Bao Ngoc, runner-up Phuong Nhi also received attention from the audience about which international beauty contest she will represent Vietnam. Commented as a somewhat timid and shy girl, Phuong Nhi makes many people wonder if she is brave enough to compete in the international beauty arena.

Sharing about this, Phuong Nhi said: “Winning the 2nd runner-up is only Nhi’s first step, it is a milestone to open a new journey of hers. Surely Nhi will improve herself even more and become bolder if she can represent Vietnam in the international beauty arena.”

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