Miss Peace Vietnam caused controversy over name chanting, BTC spoke up

On the evening of September 28, the national final of the Miss Grand Vietnam contest – Miss Vietnam Peace 2022 took place at Phu Tho Gymnasium, Ho Chi Minh City. The contest caught the attention of the audience.

In addition to the eye-catching and attractive prom and bikini performances, the name-calling of the contestants received mixed opinions.

On showbiz forums, beauty fans are interested and think that name chanting is Miss Grand’s specialty, bringing moments of entertainment to the audience. This is considered a favorite format, which is different from the usual beauty contests. Miss Grand is like a new breeze and the name chanting is the deciding factor.

However, there are still some reactions to the notion that the beauty pageant needs to be elegant instead of letting the girls scream on stage. In addition, the fact that the contestants tried to raise their voices to make a difference brought an outrageous feeling to the viewers.

Miss Peace Vietnam caused controversy over the name chanting, the organizers spoke up - Photo 2.

Exchange with Tien Phong In this regard, Ms. Pham Kim Dung – Head of Miss Grand Vietnam 2022 BTC said that the contest format was built entirely based on the original version. In which the name chanting in the international versions is even more creative and entertaining.

“If you watch at the stage, perhaps the audience’s emotions will be completely different because the name chanting part combined with the bikini performance is extremely energetic and vibrant. The video clippings with such a constant frequency of chanting names like that. Indeed, it makes the listeners tired and thinks that the contestants are overdoing it. At the preliminary review of the night of September 29 and the review of the review tonight, the organizers forced the candidates to introduce themselves according to the plan specified by the organizers.” Pham Kim Dung shared.

Miss Peace Vietnam caused controversy over the name chanting, BTC spoke up - Photo 3.

Ms. Pham Kim Dung – Head of Miss Grand Vietnam 2022 Organizing Committee (Photo: NVCC)

Ms. Pham Kim Dung emphasized that the Miss Peace Vietnam contest brought the audience 4 emotions. The name-calling is entertaining, the evening performance brings elegance and luxury while the bikini competition is energetic and vibrant. Finally, the presentation exam on peace will be quiet and emotional. Previously, the contests of Miss Grand Vietnam – Miss Peace Vietnam 2022 received many compliments, especially at the national cultural costume contest night. The final contest will take place on the evening of October 1, in Ho Chi Minh City.

“The audience should wait for the finale to be explosive and emotional. According to the script prepared from the beginning, the semi-final night is fast-paced, fun and entertaining. The finale is shortened and luxurious. and settle down. The contestants simply shouted their names and places of origin. We hope to please the majority of viewers,” said Ms. Pham Kim Dung.

Currently, the stage of organizing the final of Miss Grand Vietnam 2022 has been completed. Meanwhile, the contestants continued to practice to shine on the night of October 1. After being crowned, the new Miss has only 3 days to prepare to leave for Indonesia to attend Miss Grand International 2022. Therefore, the new Miss Peace Vietnam 2022 is expected to have all the elements of appearance. , performance skills and foreign languages ​​to be ready to fight in the international arena.

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