Miss Sports contestant called out her name creatively, Le Bong – Tran Thanh Tam surprised the audience

Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 is not “cool”, Miss Fitness Vietnam – Miss Fitness Vietnam is about to air. This is the first beauty contest looking for a beautiful person with both beauty and body. Miss Fitness Vietnam 2022 received much attention from the audience when among the contestants there were 2 hot TikTokers, Le Bong and Tran Thanh Tam.

During the press conference to announce the top 42 contestants of Miss Fitness Vietnam 2022 Recently, the introduction and chanting of the names of the beauties received a lot of attention from the audience. As hot TikTokers on social networks, many people are curious about how Le Bong and Tran Thanh Tam will perform in the media debut.

Stepping onto the stage, “hot girl omelette” boldly: “I, Tran Thi Thanh Tam, am a social media phenomenon, I’m here to prove that I’m a capable person. Me, Thanh Tam, Gia Lai” . When it was Le Bong’s turn, she expressed: “Everyone has a perfect version, but you will never meet that version if you don’t start practicing today”. It was thought that after taking a deep breath, Le Bong would chant the name of his hometown like the rest of the contestants. But hot TikToker surprised the audience because the name chanting was very gentle.

The name-calling of the contestants of Miss Vietnam Sports 2022 (Source: MultiMedia JSC)

Photo: Internet


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