Mom, lipstick, flower dress and smiles

Mother, lipstick, flower dress and smiles - Photo 1.

My friend texted back to explain: “My mother wore a skirt for the first time. She persuaded her to dare to wear it. She kept telling her that her feet were covered in mud all her life. She wasn’t used to dressing well. But now she likes to wear a pretty dress.”

There are many mothers like my friend’s mother, at the age of U60, when you wear a skirt for the first time, put on makeup for the first time, go to the beach for the first time, go to a restaurant, etc. I’m still secretly touched.

My mother – a rustic, simple, rustic mother. My mother sometimes goes around in the province, but in the city where I live, she has not had much experience. Last weekend, when my parents in the countryside came to visit me, I organized the whole family to have a buffet at a restaurant.

Before leaving, my mother was very excited, after applying lipstick, she kept choosing clothes to match with my sisters and nieces. The children go out to eat less but take pictures to post on Facebook a lot, so everyone wears beautiful dresses and shoes.

In the end, she also wore a knee-length floral dress, which suited her figure very well. Looking at the scene where the mother and daughter, all of them were excited to get on the taxi, my heart fluttered.

After going to the buffet restaurant, the joy increased a little more. That is when entering, when seeing a waitress politely greet everyone, lead everyone to the table, her mother marveled: “Oh, the service here is so attentive.” That’s when I took my mother up to the food display area for diners to freely choose, she was surprised: “Wow, how can we eat so many dishes?”.

There are dishes that my mother sees for the first time and goes “oh, ooh” a few more times. I laughed at the same time, but also felt sorry for my mother.

Coincidentally, at the restaurant that day, I also met a lot of parents like my parents – that is also the first time eating buffet. The children carefully held each parent’s hand, whose eyesight was slightly poor, their legs were slow, walked around each stall, introducing: “This is the seafood area, that’s the barbeque stall, that’s the other way around. It’s a dessert bar”. And their parents, whose eating power is not very good, keep looking around, observing that it is the main thing, but sometimes they don’t bring food to the table.

When I go to eat with my mother, I eat less, laugh a lot. Laughing at the things that were inherently familiar to me became a new discovery for my mother. Laughing because she saw her mother shed tears over a dish that was too spicy, or wrinkled her nose at a dish cooked with sourness, but she was still determined to give it a try. Laughing because mom complains, why do you kids take so many pictures now, eat a meal but have to take dozens of photos “offering Facebook”.

Going to eat with my mother, I realized that we had forgotten our parents for a long time in our own livelihood. Out of the restaurant, my mother complimented the delicious food and whispered to me: “But it costs too much, next time don’t take us to eat like this again”.

I held my mother’s hand and said: “It’s fun to eat like this. Isn’t it always crowded like this?”. Mom didn’t say anything to me anymore, only her eyes were wet.

How quickly time passed. I realized that when we grow up, being able to give our parents more experiences, then they are also old.

At that time, beautiful clothes, delicious food, and outings were secondary. What matters is a beautiful time when the whole family is happy together. Just like that.

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