More than 30 days were brought to a foreign land

More than 30 days were brought to a foreign land - Photo 1.

Thach Thang ward police support food for Ms. Hoa’s family – Photo: D.C.

The epidemic hit, like many other workers, a family of workers in Dong Nai rode a motorbike to return to their hometown of Ha Tinh.

But when he arrived in Quang Nam, his husband and daughter had an accident and had to go to Da Nang for emergency care. After the wife was isolated in Quang Nam, it was also when Da Nang was on lockdown. In the midst of a strange place, no one to rely on, but the family in distress was not abandoned. Over the past 1 month, they have been taken in by the people of Da Nang.

The other day the husband recovered, but unfortunately the wife and children were in the blockade. The husband returned first, while the wife and children stayed and continued to be cared for in other places.

“Tear off the band” on the way to repatriation

Ms. Tran Thi Hoa (34 years old, residing in Ha Tinh province) and her husband, Mr. Khan, escaped from their poor hometown and moved to the South to work as workers for more than 1 year. They have 4 children, 2 of them followed their parents to the South, 2 of them sent back to their hometown. “Workers, husband and wife earn a few million silver a month. Except for food, accommodation, clothes for the children… not much is left” – Ms. Hoa shared.

The struggling day-to-day life of the small family was suddenly shattered when the epidemic hit. Unemployed, unable to cope with the series of daily expenses, they returned home with workers in the same situation.

The whole family couldn’t have the same motorbike, so they split up. Hoa and her youngest child went with an acquaintance, while Mr. Khan took his nephew Thuy (14 years old). On July 29, a group of workers’ motorbikes departed from Dong Nai and returned to their hometown.

“The distance is far, but we are not used to traveling, so we keep an eye on each other while walking. Yet…” – Mrs. Hoa looked up at the door. During 2 days and nights on the road, when he arrived in Dien Ban (Quang Nam province), the car of Mr. Khan and his father had an accident.

“People took my phone to call me to report. The phone was in my backpack, I walked ahead, walked slowly but still couldn’t see the father and son. I was so impatient, I stopped to take out my phone, oh .. “- said Hoa sadly.

Looking at the two bloodied father and son, sprawled on the road, Hoa lost her limbs. She hastily sent the youngest child to her compatriots to send her to her mother’s hometown of Ha Tinh. And she stayed to find a way to take care of her husband and children. “It kept busy marrying her mother and said she didn’t go to the model, just followed her parents and sister. My gut was confused, it took a lot of encouragement to accept it” – she confided.

Mr. Khan and his son were taken to a hospital in Quang Nam for emergency treatment, but due to their severe injuries, they had to be transferred to Da Nang Hospital.

Hoa was taken to concentrated isolation in Quang Nam. After completing the quarantine according to regulations, she planned to rush to Da Nang Hospital to take care of her husband and children, but at this time, Da Nang is on lockdown. She is lonely in a foreign land right at the border between Da Nang and Quang Nam. “I only have a feeling of helplessness, not knowing where to go,” Hoa choked. It was in the afternoon 7-8.

More than 30 days were brought to a foreign land - Photo 2.

Thuy’s nephew, outside of school time, is learning to walk on crutches – Photo: Đ.C.

More than 30 days foreign land

That afternoon, Captain Hoang Dinh Dung – an officer of the Hoa Hai border gate traffic police station (Da Nang Police Department’s Traffic Police Department) – was on duty at the epidemic control checkpoint on Tran Dai Nghia Street (Ngu Hanh Son District, Da Nang). He and the people on duty here saw a poor woman on the side of the road. Feeling that something was up, they took the woman to a chair to drink water to talk. At this time, Hoa has more peace of mind and she shares her family’s grieving journey.

At this time, Hoa only has ID card, certificate of completion of medical isolation, negative COVID-19 test certificate. The problem is not simple, because Da Nang City is strictly implementing social distancing, it is necessary to have a road permit according to regulations.

Hoa begged: “If I can go to the hospital, I can walk.” “But I don’t have a road permit and the required documents. But as long as there is no vehicle, if I walk from Hoa Hai gate to Da Nang Hospital for dozens of kilometers, how can I go?” – Dai Lieutenant Dung shared.

After contemplation, Captain Dung used the walkie-talkie to report and consult the leaders of the traffic police department and the steering committee for epidemic prevention. With the consent, he and a border guard officer drove a car to take Ms. Hoa to the hospital. Mr. Dung and officers of Hoa Hai gate traffic police station contributed 1.5 million VND to immediately support Ms. Hoa.

The car took Hoa to the hospital but could not take care of the father and son because this place was applying epidemic prevention procedures. How can there be accommodation for Hoa in the coming days? Thinking so, Mr. Dung asked someone to find a place to stay for Ms. Hoa near the hospital to take care of her husband and children.

During the days in Da Nang, when knowing about her situation, many people in Da Nang also sought to share. A group of volunteers in Da Nang found a new motel room and moved Hoa’s belongings here to facilitate taking care of her husband and children. “The group will pay for the accommodation for Ms. Hoa, and will always follow up to promptly help her when needed,” said Mr. Tran Huu Duc Nhat, the group’s representative.

After a period of treatment, Thuy was discharged from the hospital to stay with her mother. “The mother and daughter will be here waiting for the day when Mr. Khan recovers, then the whole family will return to his hometown to reunite” – Mrs. Hoa dreamed.

But no epidemic has spared the small family. About a dozen days ago, when Mr. Khan was discharged from the hospital, there was a case in the area where Ms. Hoa lived and had to be locked down. Dreams pass.

Hoa rented a car to take her husband home, and she and her daughter had to stay here until the blockade was lifted. “On the day of renting a car, there was a person in Da Nang who supported 3 million VND to share with my family” – Ms. Hoa said.

These days, Da Nang is still under lockdown. Hoa’s accommodation has also been stretched, but the feelings of the people of the city for her mother and daughter have never been separated. The other day, the ward police provided food for her mother and daughter. Then, Mr. Dung, the traffic policeman, also bought vegetables in Quang Nam and sent them to support. The innkeeper lends pots and pans, gas stoves for cooking and many other hearts. “It’s been a full month in Da Nang, a completely foreign land, but my family is cared for and cared for like family members. These feelings I don’t know how to describe” – Hoa said excitedly.

More than 30 days were brought to a foreign land - Photo 3.

Hoa’s mother and daughter in a motel room in Da Nang – Photo: D.C.

In a room in the blockade area, little Thuy has started studying online with her friends. Every day, my mother helps me to walk on my crutches. “Mother and daughter keep encouraging each other to work together, looking forward to going home soon. Our journey back home has been too long” – Ms. Hoa hopes.

And on the morning of September 12, Hoa and her children rented an ambulance to return to their hometown after receiving paperwork from the local government. Come to say goodbye to Hoa’s mother and daughter, who are friends in Da Nang. New friends just met to send their mother and daughter a little warm heart in the middle of a stormy day.

“Another love story of Da Nang people has ended and once again we are very grateful to everyone. Da Nang people are always warm and wonderful” – Mr. Calvin Tran, coordinator of the Da Nang Young Volunteers group , To share.


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