Mother rejects vaccines, 4-year-old boy dies from Covid-19

AmericaKali Cook, 4, became the first child in Galveston County to die from Covid-19 after being believed to have contracted the virus from a mother who rejected the vaccine.

Baby Kali Cook died at her home in Bacliff, Galveston County, Texas, on the morning of September 14. The baby passed away suddenly only 5 hours after showing signs of fever at dawn.

“Kali was completely fine, then she was gone forever. Everything happened so fast,” Karra Harwood, the girl’s mother, told local media.

Harwood said she received a positive test result for nCoV the day before. She and her fiancé William Tucker are both out of work and quarantined at home. According to Harwood, she tried to stay away from her daughter Kali and two other children, both of whom are now confirmed to have nCoV.

This mother shared that she was extremely regretful for protesting against the Covid-19 vaccine. “I was one of those who protested, I was against vaccines. Now I wish I hadn’t,” Harwood said. Vaccination rates in the state of Texas are now more than 50%, according to statistics from Johns Hopkins University.

4-year-old girl Kali Cook.  Photo: GoFundMe/Karra Harwood.

Baby girl Kali Cook. Photo: GoFundMe/Karra Harwood.

According to local officials, Kali was the first child to die from Covid-19 in Galveston County, which has recorded nearly 500,000 infections and more than 470 deaths from the pandemic.

“This is terrible, but I think everyone should know. This is very important, if the child is sick, don’t say ‘Honey, it will be fine’, take them to the hospital,” the health official said. regional economist Philip Keizer said.

According to local officials, Kali is attending kindergarten, but it is unlikely that she contracted nCoV from here. Contact tracing showed that she had not been in contact with anyone infected with the virus other than those in her home.

The mother Harwood then raised funds online to hopefully get some help while she and her fiancé are still out of work. The two quickly received donations exceeding their goal of $20,000.

The US is currently the largest epidemic area in the world with more than 42 million infections and more than 680,000 deaths from nCoV. The country has vaccinated about 64% of the population, of which more than 53% are fully vaccinated.

US President Biden on September 9 announced a plan to force businesses with more than 100 employees to ensure that all employees receive a Covid-19 vaccine or are tested for nCoV weekly.

The US President also sent a message to those who hesitated to vaccinate: “We have been patient, but our patience is running out, while your refusal costs us.”

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