Mother took her son to the cliff to take virtual pictures, netizens discovered the ‘deadly’ detail, demanding ‘deprivation of motherhood right away’

In recent days, netizens in Russia quickly spread a video with an extremely indignant attitude, some even asked the authorities to investigate, separate the child from the cruel mother, bring children as a tool to “live virtual”.

Specifically, according to the Komsomolskaya Pravda news newspaper, a mother living in the Crimean peninsula took her young son up a cliff near the sea to pose for pictures in order to have impressive photos to “show off” on the internet. Instagram.

The mother wearing a tight skirt and an elegant white shirt hugged her son (about 4-5 years old) to the edge of the cliff to sit and pose. Despite the child showing fear on his face, hugging his mother patiently waiting for the photographer to finish, the mother continued to sit and pose. The person holding the camera also didn’t care about the child’s mood and just let everything go as if there was nothing to worry about.

The video of this heart-stopping photo shoot has gone viral on social media and caused a wave of outrage from netizens. Many people left comments expressing their disapproval of the mother and pity for the poor child who was pulled out as a “virtual living” tool.

The mother took her son to the cliff to take a virtual photo, netizens discovered the deadly details, demanding immediate deprivation of the right to be a mother - Photo 1.

“Look at the scared child. Look at the way he hugs his mother. If something happens, he probably won’t be protected either,” commented netizen Lyolya Kaz.

User Anna spotted a crack in the ledge: “Oh my god, what if it fell over, there’s a very obvious crack.”

A net user expressed a harsh attitude: “And then the press will appear: A woman with a baby fell into a cliff… She should be stripped of her motherhood after this scene!”.

Mother took her son to the cliff to take virtual pictures, netizens discovered deadly details, demanding immediate deprivation of motherhood - Photo 2.

“Why do some poor children have such ignorant parents? My heart tightens… And who filmed it? Don’t they have brains?”, a netizen named Yelena Sairambayeva comment.

Currently, this video still causes a wave of controversy and anger in the online community in Russia.

Source: Life News

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