Mr. Biden wants to go to the gym after 5 days of Covid-19 treatment

The White House doctor said that President Biden wants to be “restored to exercise regime” because he is almost completely free of symptoms after 5 days of Covid-19 treatment.

“Last night, the President asked to exercise,” White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said at a press conference on July 26. “He wants to be able to lift weights, run on the machine.”

US President Joe Biden has spent 5 days isolated and treated for Covid-19 at the White House. Kevin O’Connor, his personal physician, said the President had completed a course of treatment with the antiviral drug Paxlovid.

O’Connor said that Biden’s Covid-19 symptoms “have almost completely disappeared” and that the US President will end the isolation process after having a negative test result.

US President Joe Biden video conference with SK Corporation Korea at the White House on July 26.  Photo: AFP

US President Joe Biden has a video conference with the leader of SK Group Korea at the White House on July 26. Image: AFP

Unlike former President Donald Trump, who said the gym and similar sports are not good for health, Biden exercises every morning and often rides a bike in his hometown of Delaware on weekends.

Mr. Biden tested positive for nCoV last week and had to cancel his schedule and reduce working hours while in isolation at the White House. He is expected to return to normal work this week. The US President yesterday participated in a video conference with the leaders of the Korean SK corporation about a plan to invest $ 22 billion in semiconductors and other high-tech industries.

During the meeting, guests and White House staffers sat in the Roosevelt room, while Biden appeared via video screen and laughed as he pointed out that they were in fact sitting in the same building, just a few doors apart. .

“I can step out onto the balcony, shouting to you guys,” he said.

“I’m feeling very well,” the US president said. “I hope I look fine as usual.”

Press secretary Jean-Pierre said it was clear Mr Biden was getting better. “I was relieved when he asked to exercise,” she said.

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