Mr. Trump can provide testimony to the New York prosecutor

Former President Trump may visit the New York Attorney General’s office today to provide testimony about the family business.

According to a court order, former US President Donald Trump is likely to meet privately with prosecutors in the office of New York Attorney General Letitia James on August 10 at an agreed location in Manhattan. .

Attorney General James in December 2021 sent subpoenas to Mr. Trump, son of Donald Trump Jr. and daughter Ivanka Trump, asking them to testify in an investigation into the family business.

Lawyers for the Trump family challenged the New York Attorney General’s subpoenas in two Manhattan courts but were unsuccessful, when the judge asked the former president and two children to cooperate with prosecutors.

Former US President Donald Trump at an event in Dallas, Texas, on August 6.  Photo: Reuters.

Former US President Donald Trump at an event in Dallas, Texas, on August 6. Image: Reuters.

According to the original plan, Mr. Trump and his two children had to testify on July 20-22. The Trump family’s lawyers have proposed to delay the date because Ivana Trump, Trump’s first wife, died on July 14.

It was not immediately clear whether Trump would be willing to answer questions from New York prosecutors during today’s meeting, or activate the Fifth Amendment’s right to refuse to answer. The amendment provides that summoners may refuse to answer questions whose answers could be used to incriminate them.

Lawyers for Trump and the New York Attorney General’s office declined to comment.

Attorney General James in March 2019 opened an investigation on suspicion that the Trump Organization of the Trump family overstated and overvalued some assets when borrowing money from a bank, then reported a smaller value when property declaration to pay lower taxes.

Eric Trump, Trump’s second son and executive vice president of the Trump Organization, was interviewed by the New York Attorney General’s office on this matter in October 2020. Eric Trump then activated his Fifth Amendment right to refuse to answer more than 500 questions from prosecutors for more than six hours, according to court documents.

The New York prosecutor’s hearing took place as Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate was raided by the FBI in an investigation into the handling of classified documents. Mr Trump criticized the raid as “procedurally incorrect” and “unnecessary”.

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