Mr. Xi is fixing things in China?

Mr. Xi is fixing things in China?  - Photo 1.

Alibaba and its subsidiary Ant Group and other technology companies are being “whispered” by the Chinese government – Photo: AFP

Regarding society, the government banned all forms of profitable tutoring, banned male stars and useless programs, banned the release of new online games, and corrected fanaticism. Online ride-hailing and food delivery companies have been warned. Politically, the government announced an investigation/inspection of the banking, financial and judicial sectors.

Fight corruption, lifestyle correction

On August 17, members of the Standing Committee of the Politburo of China attended a meeting of the Central Economic and Financial Committee chaired by Mr. Xi. At the meeting, the leaders outlined a “commonwealth” goal, which pledged to raise the incomes of low-income groups, and prevent excessive income and illegal income.

After this meeting, a series of actions took place. After rectifying the artist world and dealing with fanaticism, the government tightened controls on time spent playing online games and what is considered unhealthy entertainment. The government also encourages workers to negotiate collectively with their employers, warning technology companies such as Didi, Meituan, Alibaba and Tencent to seriously protect workers’ rights and interests.

Within the government, the investigation into Hangzhou City Party Secretary Zhou Jiangyong attracted attention because he was the highest-ranking official to “fall off a horse” since the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (in 2017). ). In mid-August, before Chinese artists were “locked down”, Mr. Peng Bo – former deputy head of China’s Cyberspace Administration – was expelled from the party for disloyalty to the party and corruption. .

A statement from China’s Central Commission for Discipline Inspection said Mr. Peng had “diverged from the decisions and plans of the Party Central Committee regarding the Internet propaganda struggle”. According to the newspaper South China Morning PostPeng is one of the defenders of Chinese social networks, leading to an explosion in the number of influencers on social networks.

In the financial sector, Ant Group was asked to stop issuing shares to the public. The investigation of Chu Giang Dung also placed this company in the spotlight and raised questions about the relationship between politicians and businesses in Hangzhou. On September 13, three former directors and branch secretaries of state-owned banks were investigated or expelled from the party, including the vice president of the China Development Bank.

The number of major corruption cases in the banking and insurance sectors since the 19th National Congress has been 93 cases – three times the number of cases in the previous five years.

Accomplish goals second centenary?

Reuters news agency said the new policy moves show that Mr. Xi is aiming for China to become a rich and powerful socialist country by 2049. This is also the second centennial goal Mr. Xi has set after becoming leader. China’s most powerful leader today.

The timing of the new policies reflects the leadership’s belief that China can solve its problems through a distinctive system rather than following the Western model. The COVID-19 pandemic, the chaos of the US election and the withdrawal from Afghanistan further reinforced this view in China, according to Reuters.

“Mr. Xi has set his sights on solving problems that plague the majority of the general population, such as official corruption and the gap between rich and poor. Popular support helps him. more foundation to consolidate power within the party and make it difficult for political opponents to attack. No one dares to oppose social equality” – Mr. Tran Dao Ngan, former associate professor of the University of Political Science and Law Shanghai, comment with Reuters.

China is preparing for the 6th plenary session of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, scheduled to take place in November. According to the announcement made after the August 31 meeting of the Politburo of China, the session will study “the issue of comprehensively reviewing the main achievements achieved and the historical experience accumulated during the past 100 years.” party year”.

The review of achievements and experiences aims to support the process of building socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new period, maintaining “the core position of General Secretary Xi Jinping in the Central Committee as well as the like the whole party,” according to Xinhua.

Reassurance of the private economic sector

In general, observers outside of China believe that a major transformation is taking place in the world’s most populous country.

Sheet People’s Daily sought to reassure the private sector, saying that recent actions to “rectify the market order”, promote fair competition, protect consumer interests, “improve the economic system”. socialist market economy”.


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