Mummification for benefits

ShirtThe son embalmed his mother’s body by freezing, wrapping bandages around the body and spreading cat litter to profit from the pension.

In a statement on September 9, Austrian police said they discovered the body of an 89-year-old woman living near the city of Innsbruck, in the Tyrol region, last weekend. The elderly woman with dementia, who died in June last year, had her son hid her body in the cellar because she wanted to continue receiving her mother’s allowance.

Austrian police in Vienna in November 2020.  Photo: Reuters

Austrian police in Vienna in November 2020. Photo: Reuters

The 66-year-old suspect admitted to freezing her mother’s body with an ice pack in the basement after her death to prevent the body from smelling, and wrapping a bandage around the body to absorb the liquid.

“He spread cat litter on the mother, turning the body into a mummy,” said Helmut Gufler, an officer with the social security fraud squad.

When the brother came to visit his mother, the suspect said that the grandmother was in the hospital. The suspect received his mother’s allowance in the mail every month, but when the postman recently asked to see the beneficiary, he refused, prompting the postman to decide to report it to the authorities.

The suspect has received 50,000 euros (more than 59,000 USD) from June 2020 until now. Autopsy results showed it was unlikely that the man killed his mother. The suspect was charged with fraud and concealing a body.

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