Nam Cang Valley – a place few people notice in Sa Pa: Not only beautiful but also very clear and peaceful

For a long time, Sa Pa has become one of the most popular highland tourist destinations. Due to the cool and fresh climate, Sapa is suitable to visit in any season of the year. Especially from August to late September, early October is the time when most tourists visit Sapa to “hunt” the ripe rice season.

Besides Ta Van, Muong Hoa or Ta Phin, Sapa also has Nam Cang valley which is equally brilliant but little noticed. If you have an upcoming trip to Sa Pa, try visiting Nam Cang to feel the unique features of this valley!

Nam Cang – a place few people notice when coming to Sapa

Compared to other destinations in Sa Pa, Nam Cang is somewhat “secret”. Although not many people pay attention to it, this place still has a very unique beauty that makes anyone who comes here will enjoy.

Nam Cang Valley - a place few people notice in Sa Pa: Not only beautiful but also very clear and peaceful - Photo 1.

Nam Cang is about 30km from the center of Sa Pa (Lao Cai province), favored by nature for countless beautiful scenes like movies. It possesses fertile terraced fields, streams, waterfalls and extremely rich vegetation. In addition, Nam Cang is surrounded by immense mountains and forests, so this place is considered a wonderful green valley, worth a visit once in your life.

Peaceful, gentle and poetic valley

Nestled between mountains and forests, Nam Cang is separate from other regions. It is this “loneliness” that makes the space here become peaceful and light. Moreover, there are not many tourists coming here and only a few ethnic groups live, so the scenery still retains the most original features. Surely anyone who has been to Nam Cang has “fallen in love” with the beautiful nature, fresh air and rustic houses here.

One of the most impressive points in Nam Cang is the beauty of the terraced fields, especially in the season. At this time, the whole valley will be covered with iridescent yellow, with a little more green color of the mountains and forests. Not only that, Nam Cang is also voted by tourists as the place with the most beautiful rice fields in the Northwest mountainous region. With the idyllic, quiet and Northwestern scenery, Nam Cang is the ideal place for you to “escape the street to the forest”.

Photo: Beard Golf, @irl.yolo, Swan Lake

Come to Nam Cang to enjoy nature and experience the local life

Along the way to Nam Cang, you will experience the feeling of going downhill, passing through green forests, terraced fields, waterfalls, streams and cool air like nowhere else.

Photo: @yenlee.vivu, @_im.rot_

The first thing you have to do when coming to Nam Cang is walking around the rice fields, looking at the grain-laden rice plants in season and taking a deep breath to feel the faint aroma of ripe rice mixed with the fresh air. here. If you want to explore more beautiful scenery, you can take a slow walk on the trail that curves around the valley or sit and relax in the wooden huts next to each field, relaxing to enjoy all that Nam Cang has to offer. having. More specifically, a small tent located in the middle of a vast rice field on the picture is equally beautiful next to any famous place.

Photo: Nhu Quynh Nguyen, @linhs95, @ngoc.khanh.52, @thuhin.23

Besides the vast fields, Nam Cang also owns 3 streams, Nam Pa, Nam Cang, and Nam Thang, flowing through the village with clear water, seeing through the big rocks below. Coming here, you will be able to touch the cool water or walk on the suspension bridge to “work” many shimmering “virtual live” photos.

Photo: @trieuquanghuy, @topasriversidelodge, @bjm.phuong

Not only the beautiful scenery, but this place also gives you a feeling of peace and closeness when you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the lives of the indigenous people, learn more about the culture and daily life. their. Every day, people go to the forest to pick medicine and find food, so you can follow them to explore the forest or visit a traditional silver-making village. At the end of the day, try to stop at any house, the people here will be ready to cook a tray of rice with all kinds of local specialties to entertain guests from far away.

Photo: @bjm.phuong, @teecha_domino

If you want to find some peace, “escape” from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy the simplest things, you should choose Nam Cang. Coming here to immerse yourself in the vast nature, breathe in the fresh, smoke-free air and fully enjoy the identity of the highlands will make your spirit much more excited.

Nam Cang Valley - a place few people notice in Sa Pa: Not only beautiful but also very clear and peaceful - Photo 10.

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