NASA postpones rocket launch for the second time to ‘visit Ms. Hang’

According to the original plan, if the 32-stage Space Launch System (SLS) is successfully launched, this will be a historic mission for NASA. It marked the first Artemis (Artemis 1) program to return to the Moon 50 years after the last Apollo mission.

However, the latest attempt to launch the 32-story tall SLS rocket and Orion spacecraft carried by the SLS failed after technicians had to try to fix a leak of liquid hydrogen gas (to cool it down). engine) is pumped into the core stage fuel tank of the SLS.

NASA postponed the rocket launch for the second time to visit Hang - Photo 1.

The space launch system (SLS, NASA’s next-generation lunar rocket) and the Orion spacecraft prepare to launch for the Artemis 1 mission at Cape Canaveral, Florida, USA on September 3 – Photo: REUTERS

Currently, NASA has not announced a specific time to conduct the next launch. According to Reuters news agency, it is possible that NASA will launch one more time on September 5 or September 6.

Previously, the first launch earlier this week also did not go smoothly due to technical problems that appeared in the 11th hour of the countdown, including a faulty thermal sensor, a crack in the fuel tank. …

According to the newspaper Wall Street Journal, launch delays are not uncommon for NASA over the years. That happened when NASA last operated the space shuttle in 2011.

Bill Nelson, NASA director and a former astronaut, said the space shuttle flight he made was delayed four times before a successful takeoff. He said NASA will not attempt to launch the SLS rocket for the Artemis 1 mission until it is really ready.

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