Nearly 300 Vietnamese evacuated from Ukraine began to return home

The first evacuation flight carrying 287 expatriates from Ukraine has taken off from Romania and is expected to land in Noi Bai this afternoon.

The first rescue flight carrying evacuees from Ukraine took off at 19:35 (23:35 Hanoi time) on March 7 from Henri Coandă International Airport in Bucharest, the capital of Romania. TTXVN.

The plane carried 287 expatriates, 4 more than originally planned, including 71 children under 12 years old, 14 children under two years old. The plane is expected to land at Noi Bai airport at 11:30 this afternoon.

Expatriates evacuated from Ukraine go through exit procedures at the airport of Bucharest, Romania's capital.  Photo: VNA

Expatriates evacuated from Ukraine go through exit procedures at the airport of Bucharest, Romania’s capital. Photo: TTXVN

The Vietnamese Embassy and the Vietnamese Association in Romania support overseas Vietnamese in customs procedures and issue passports on the spot, because many refugees are missing or do not have identification documents.

Pham Duy Hung, vice president of the Vietnamese Association in Romania, a key organization supporting and evacuating Vietnamese people from Ukraine, expressed his joy when overseas Vietnamese were able to board the plane to return to their homeland. “Today I see that the mood of the expatriates is better than the first days we met in Moldova. We have also done all we can to support,” he said.

The number of Vietnamese evacuated from Ukraine to Bucharest has been on a downward trend as of March 7. After the first flight, there is expected to be another flight from Bucharest to Vietnam on March 10.

According to the update of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as of 6pm on March 7, 2,200 Vietnamese evacuated from Ukraine were picked up by the Vietnamese representative office in Poland. This number in Romania is 830 people, in Hungary 310 people, in Slovakia more than 100 people and in Russia about 20 people.

Before the war, there were nearly 7,000 Vietnamese living, working and studying in Ukraine, concentrated in some big cities like Kiev (about 800 people), Kharkov (about 3,000 people), Odessa (about 3,000 people). people) and some other small cities like Kherson, Donetsk, Lviv.

Russia on February 24 announced the opening of a special military operation to “de-arm and de-fascist Ukraine”. Russian President Vladimir Putin said on March 6 that the operation was going according to plan and would not end until the Kiev authorities stopped resisting and implemented the demands made by Moscow.

The two sides held the third round of talks on March 7, but continued to fail to achieve breakthrough results. The delegations of the two countries are expected to continue to hold the fourth round of negotiations, but have not announced a specific time.

Hong Hanh

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