New outbreak due to Delta strain, China assessed ‘severe and complicated’

The new outbreak caused by the Delta strain, China, is serious and complicated - Photo 1.

A 4th grade student was tested in Putian, Fujian, China on September 12 – Photo: ECNS

The outbreak with the appearance of Delta variant in Fujian province, southeast China is receiving international media attention.

On September 13, Reuters news agency (UK) reported that Putian city in Fujian province had closed cinemas and gyms, blocked some entrances to roads and asked people not to leave the area. direction.

On the same day, China Central Television (CCTV) quoted an assessment of the country’s experts as saying that the COVID-19 situation in Putian city was “severe and complicated”. The station said it is likely that more infections will appear in communities, schools and factories here.

Newspaper New York Times (USA) said that China recorded 22 new infections in the community on September 12, the highest in nearly a month since August 14 (the time when 24 cases were recorded). All of these 22 cases were detected in Fujian province and caused by the Delta variant.

China’s National Health Commission data shows that Fujian province has recorded a total of 43 infections in the community between September 10 and September 12. Including 35 cases in Putian city.

In addition, the province also recorded 32 asymptomatic infections. China does not consider these cases “confirmed cases” until they show clinical manifestations such as fever. These cases have been detected in Fujian since September 10, all in Putian city.

Therefore, if you add up 43 confirmed cases and 32 asymptomatic infections, China has detected at least 75 cases in 3 days.

Virus spread at elementary school 10 days ago

According to the sheet Global TimesAccording to experts from China’s National Health Commission, the COVID-19 epidemic had spread at an elementary school in Putian city about 10 days before the first case was detected.

Preliminary research results suggest that this outbreak may have originated with the father of a student at an elementary school in Putian. This person recently traveled from Singapore to Putian. This person tested positive on September 10 – 38 days after returning to China from Singapore on August 4.

During this time, he was tested for PCR and serology a total of 9 times, all of which were negative.

After completing the isolation, he returned home on August 26. His son started the new semester at the elementary school on September 1. Experts believe that the virus then spread to other students at this school, until the first case was detected on September 10.

China’s National Health Commission has sent a team of experts to support Putian, a city of 3.2 million people. This outbreak has also spread to two other cities in Fujian province, Quanzhou (7 cases) and Xiamen (1 case).

Epidemiologists believe that many new infections will be detected in the coming days before the epidemic peaks around September 19. They also warned of the risk of the epidemic spreading to many other places. However, Chinese experts are optimistic that they will control this outbreak before this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival (September 21).


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