New Party Secretary of Xinjiang pledges to implement Xi Jinping policy

“We must firmly maintain long-term stability in Xinjiang society and must not let this stability, which is not easily achieved, be lost,” new Party Secretary Ma Xingrui said at the meeting. First meeting in leadership role this past weekend.

Xinjiang Daily, the mouthpiece of the Xinjiang party committee, said on December 26 that Ma spent most of his first speech pledging that he would implement Chinese President Xi Jinping’s ideas and plans with Xinjiang. This included a pledge to maintain “good political standards” for regional cadres, alluding to a policy of tightening discipline on party and state officials.

New Party Secretary of Xinjiang Ma Hung Thuy.  Photo: SCMP.

New Party Secretary of Xinjiang Ma Hung Thuy. Photo: SCMP.

Former party secretary Chen Quanguo, Mr. Ma’s predecessor, said at the meeting that he fully agreed with and would absolutely abide by the decision of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China to reform the Xinjiang leadership. Cuong.

Before receiving the decision to transfer work, former Secretary of Xinjiang Tran Toan Quoc was on the US sanctions list. Chinese media did not specify Chen’s next position after the announcement of the transfer.

Ma Xingrui has been the chairman of Guangdong province since 2017. Before that, he had two years as the party secretary of Shenzhen. Mr. Ma is also one of China’s leading scientists, specializing in aeronautical technology, and once commanded the Chang’e 3 spaceship program.

Before entering politics, Mr. Ma was deputy general director of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) since 1999, then became general director eight years later. In 2013, he became director of the China National Space Administration.

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