New student receiving scholarship Relay to school: Tuoi Tre helped me twice

Tuoi Tre helped me twice - Photo 1.

Hong Ngoc, a student who received the Relay Scholarship to school, is currently an internship at Tuoi Tre newspaper – Photo: NVCC

The date of receiving the newspaper Relay to school scholarship Youth In 2019, I also met and knew many unfortunate lives and different fates. The energetic stories that Tuoi Tre shared gave me more motivation and confidence to continue with the love that everyone sent me.

Not only providing material encouragement, the scholarship became a great spiritual consolation in the journey to leave my hometown, giving me strength to overcome challenges in life, becoming more stable on the path of writing my dreams. dream.

“Life doesn’t take everything from anyone”, I know I’m lucky to always have my mother by my side as a solid support for me to overcome difficulties, and there are still loving hearts around who always care and support.

Among thousands of “dream pinwheels” are Youth support, the new student’s life is about to turn a new page every day. I have always tried my best to study, actively participate in volunteer work, gain more confidence from learning skills from teachers, friends and workplace, trying to improve myself every day.

The place that “fuelled” me to school now once again lifted my first steps into journalism. Youth gave the opportunity for a passionate writer like me to become a student intern at the newspaper. I want to become a writer, spreading meaningful stories like my predecessors did.

Looking back on my past journey, I would like to express my sincerest thanks to the School Resilience scholarship of Youthto the benefactors, reporters who gave me the opportunity to study, and raised my step on the path of career pursuit.

Every journey has difficulties but happiness is always there, when you find a reason to keep trying. Determination alone is not enough, I remind myself to always try to learn more, turn difficulties and challenges into actions so as not to betray the love I have received.

In 2019, receiving a university admission notice, Tran Thi Hong Ngoc, a native of Nghe An, showed it to her mother and then quickly folded it because her family was too poor.

Mother has thyroid cancer, the time she spends at the hospital more than at home, if Ngoc continues to study, it will be too much for the mother.

“Receiving the newspaper like you will be happy to show it off to everyone, but I just whispered to my mother to buy me a frame to keep” – Ngoc was touched – “but I don’t want to give up my dream, I believe in myself.” will do”.

After receiving information about the situation of the new student who may miss the admission, report Youth decided to immediately award a special scholarship of 10 million dong to Tran Thi Hong Ngoc from the Relay to School program, promptly sharing and supporting her to take care of her admission costs.

Currently, Ngoc is a 4th year student at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities (VNU, Hanoi).


You were a new student who received a scholarship? Relay to school? Please reconnect with the newspaper Youth in this 20th scholarship season. Please send stories and sharing to [email protected] Youth Online thank you.

Apply for a scholarship together Youth

In 2022, the School Relay Scholarship will be announced Youth cooperated with 63 provinces and unions across the country to search and award about 1,000 scholarships to new students with difficult circumstances. Each scholarship is worth 15 million VND, with a total estimated budget of more than 15 billion VND.

In addition, there will be 5 full scholarships (granted for 5 consecutive years) worth 375 million VND, 50 laptops (more than 600 million VND) for new students with special difficulties, lack of learning equipment, 1,500 backpacks. gifts for students (worth 230 million VND)…

This year is the 20th season of the scholarship Relay to school for new students with difficulties from the support of many benefactors, individuals and a large number of newspaper readers Youth let’s share. This scholarship has “energized” for 22,370 new students who did not miss their dream of going to the lecture hall with a total amount of more than 164.5 billion VND.


Tuoi Tre helped me twice - Photo 6.

Graphics: NGOC THANH

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