Newborn baby’s room emits strange voices in the middle of the night, panicked mothers warn of a scary danger that few people know

Recently, Ms. Kiara – a young mother from Melbourne, Australia told about her scary experience on social networks and quickly shared strongly because any family can face it.

Later that night, Kiara had just coaxed her 6-month-old son Zicko to sleep in her crib when she returned to the next room. The couple have just practiced putting their child to sleep separately and observing him by installing a security camera in Zicko’s room.

After a while, when she was half asleep, the young mother was suddenly awakened by the sound from the phone screen connected to the camera, but not the normal baby’s cry. Both Kiara and her husband – Daniel got goosebumps when they heard a man’s deep and strange voice. Two people clearly heard this person say the sentence: “This baby is so cute”.

The newborn baby's room emits strange voices in the middle of the night, the mother panics and warns of a scary danger few people know - Photo 1.

Kiara shared that she was “frozen” when she heard a strange man’s voice in the middle of the night

Karia and Daniel immediately ran to the next room. However, when they turned on the lights, they panicked when there was no one else in the baby’s room. The young couple also carefully checked the whole house and did not see any sign of an intruder. When they looked at the camera again, they also saw that after Kiara left, no one entered the room and Zicko was still sleeping soundly.

The strange incident made Kiara extremely scared and worried. After careful investigation and investigation, the family also answered the reason why. The surveillance camera system in the newborn boy’s room has been hacked by bad guys. Because of the security hole, these people can gain access to the home’s camera view and sound interference.

The newborn baby's room emits a strange conversation in the middle of the night, the mother panics and warns of a scary danger few people know - Photo 2.

The young mother warned other families to check their security cameras carefully too

Kiara said that when she bought the camera and installed it, she and her husband checked for security issues and set a strong password, but were still attacked by hackers. Although it is not clear what the purpose of these intruders is, she removed the camera from her daughter’s room and brought it to the store she bought it to check.

The problem of hacking surveillance cameras is not a new problem and many people have been victims of hackers. These guys often operate with the purpose of stealing information or images, private data for purposes such as theft, extortion, … Therefore, Kiara has warned all families Families with indoor surveillance cameras should learn carefully and implement thoughtful security measures to avoid letting a device that is used to protect safety bring harm to them.

Source: Mirror

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