Nhat Mong Giang Ho VNG: Experience unlimited freedom

With the desire to bring a completely different experience to the swordplay role-playing game series, NetEase has recreated the world of Co Long martial arts completely and honestly to every detail in Nhat Mong Giang Ho VNG (named Official Department of Luu Huong Mobile in Vietnam). From the large open world design to the gameplay adjustments, this game, even though it has just opened for testing, has received many positive reviews from the Vietnamese gaming community.

Free to explore – No need to plow quests

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Traveling to the mountains is also a way to experience the wanderlust.

“Plow hoes” which is one of the familiar jobs for role-playing game gamers. But when entering Nhat Mong Giang Ho VNG, players can completely forget about this boring “exercise” to fully enjoy the free life of a wanderer.

Going against the traditional exp plowing, Nhat Mong Giang Ho VNG sets a limit on the amount of experience that players can get each day. It is thanks to this special limit that gamers can temporarily stop plowing exp or farm monsters to spend time exploring the mysteries of the Gypsy. With the right series of daily quests, diverse copies, and a series of unexpected “wonders”, players can actively choose the gameplay they want to explore without having to complete all the missions in the process. mature. Some activities in the game don’t even have experience points. But in return are countless interesting experiences.

Gamers can explore the game’s massive plot of more than 2 million words from the main quests. If you want to “compare”, you can plant a duel flag to let PK be free, even… rush into the big “boom”. If you like to live a quiet life, the game also has many activities and tasks that allow players to go on a wander like Collect & Find Treasure.

Freedom to interact – “Carry out” all NPCs

Not only interacting with other players, gamer Nhat Mong Giang Ho VNG also has another object to “communicate”: NPCs with expressions like a real character. On this gypsy place, NPCs are no longer “fake” faces but have their own profession, personality, and lifestyle. They can completely change emotions according to each player, even “erratic rain and sunshine” like the weather. Players can not only chat with NPCs to receive quests, but can also… attack these characters, or perform a few actions to please them.
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The game also owns a weather system with extremely realistic effects: when it rains, the roads are slippery, when it’s cold, you need to exercise to warm up, etc. Players can also interact with most of the items. around: moving water cans to catch rainwater, burning wood for heating, driving goods,… If you need something, you can’t buy it but just… steal it right on the stall. But be prepared that the seller will chase you at any moment!

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Freedom to grow up – Choosing a way to live in the Gypsy

One of the most unique features of Nhat Mong Giang Ho VNG is that the player can freely decide the development of his gypsy story. Story quests unlock a variety of outcomes. Depending on the choices you make in each mission – where to go, what to do, who to trust, … – the details of the mission will change, affecting the final outcome and the fate of other characters in the game. story. These choices are also not simply “good” or “evil”, but much deeper. Therefore, you will never know how your actions and words affect the course of the game. Only when things are done will you know their effects (or consequences).

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Which path will you take on the Gypsy?

Sow thought, reap action; Sow action, reap a habit; Sow a habit, reap a character; Sow character, reap destiny. Indeed, as Lao Tzu said, all the daily actions as well as the choices of gamers in the game’s mission system will directly affect Fate. Depending on your choice, no matter how big or small, the personality measures Benevolent – ​​Hieu Chien, Out of Profanity – Ordinary Life, Loveless – Loveless, Gentle – Arrogant, Straightforward – Clever will change. , helps shape your character as well as his/her reputation in the eyes of NPCs throughout the world in the game.

The vast lake has many turns. Each turn will lead us to different ends. Whether you choose the path of chivalry or want to try the feeling of playing a villain, Nhat Mong Giang Ho VNG opens up all possibilities for you to freely choose. Even if you have mistakenly become a villain, and now want to reform, you can completely repent to rewrite your Destiny. The limit of freedom in Nhat Mong Giang Ho VNG is no limit!

Nhat Mong Giang Ho VNG is currently allowing players to pre-register to own a series of attractive gifts when the game officially launches. At the same time, when sharing information and inviting friends to explore this vast Gypsy world, gamers also have the opportunity to own valuable gifts: iPhone 12 Promax 128GB, E – DRA mechanical keyboard, Logitech G903 HERO mouse. There are also exclusive rewards for Nhat Mong Giang Ho brand such as mouse pads, T-shirts, Huong Soai dolls, or ZaloPay’s 100,000 VND voucher combo.
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