Nintendo Switch regains the throne from PlayStation 5

According to SlashGear, in the latest tweet from NPD Group CEO Mat Piscatella on Twitter, consumer spending in the field of video game hardware, content and accessories has increased 16% year-over-year, This means that sales are increasing year-on-year in 2020.

Nintendo Switch regains the throne from PlayStation 5 - photo 1

Switch OLED is the driving force to help Nintendo Switch regain the throne of PS5

Specifically, hardware sales increased by 82%. The reason for this strong growth is that in October 2020, many gamers were waiting for the launch of Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 later, causing many to delay buying new hardware to wait for the consoles. New generation games. Basically, hardware is considered a big driver of the 16% growth in the gaming industry as in Piscatella’s tweet.

As far as content is concerned, Far Cry 6 was October’s best-selling game, while Back 4 Blood was at #2. The same was true on Xbox and PlayStation for both games as Far Cry 6 was. and Back 4 Blood both had strong growth in October.


Piscatella says that the Nintendo Switch has regained the crown as the best-selling gaming device for October, both in terms of units shipped and revenue received. He notes that Switch OLED is the reason this has been achieved, so it looks like some Switch owners are upgrading to the new version.

Although it doesn’t directly mention that Metroid Dread is the third best-selling game in October 2021, Piscatella’s tweet states that “Metroid Dread’s sales in the first month of launch nearly doubled compared to the franchise. the previous best was Metroid Prime.


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