Nurse pretends to vaccinate anti-vaccine people

ItalyPolice arrested a nurse in the city of Palermo for allegedly pretending to give anti-vaccination people a shot to get their vaccination certificate.

Police used camouflage cameras to capture the 58-year-old nurse working at a vaccination center in Palermo, the capital of Sicily. Video posted by Italian police on Twitter on January 15 shows that the nurse seems to have sucked a dose of Covid-19 vaccine into a syringe, then pumped out the vaccine into a tissue before injecting it into the arms of the antis. vaccination.

Italy arrests nurse who fakes vaccination against anti-vaccination people

The Italian nurse pumped the vaccine onto a tissue and gave it to those who opposed vaccination. Video: Twitter / State Police.

Police said the nurse’s booster dose of the vaccine was also fake and arrested her for fraud and embezzlement.

This is not the first time a nurse has been arrested in Italy for pretending to give a Covid-19 vaccine. Dozens of healthcare workers, including at least three doctors, have been charged or investigated on suspicion of injecting fake vaccines in recent months, with some paying more than $450 for the service.

Last week, a nurse in Ancona, in the Marche region, was also arrested for allegedly giving fake Covid vaccines to at least 45 people.

According to investigators, anti-vaccination protesters are willing to pay to receive the so-called “super green card”, issued by the Italian government in December last year. They must have it in order to enter movie theaters, gyms, nightclubs or stadiums, as well as be served in bars and restaurants.

As European countries impose stricter regulations to prevent the Omicron strain from spreading, more and more anti-vaccination people are trying to circumvent the law to get vaccine passports.

He injected a Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine prepared at a vaccination center in Naples, Italy, last January.  Photo: Reuters.

He injected a Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine prepared at a vaccination center in Naples, Italy, last January. Photo: Reuters.

In early December last year, in Biella, a town near the city of Turin in the Piedmont region, northern Italy, a man came to get a Covid-19 vaccine with a silicone prosthetic arm. After completing the procedures, this man, a 50-year-old dentist, sat down and rolled up his sleeve for the medical staff to inject.

But after taking a closer look and touching the arm, the nurse asked the man to take off his shirt and discovered the act of cheating. The plan failed, but he still managed to convince the medical staff to turn a blind eye.

The Omicron variant accounts for more than 80% of Covid-19 cases in Italy, however, the number of daily new infections has begun to decline recently.

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