Obsessed with trends that scare children ‘evil’

Obsessed with the trends of scaring devilish children - Photo 1.

A frightened child in a ghost scare video posted on the TikTok website has attracted thousands of views – Photo: TH captured

These “devil” trends from adults are easily dangerous for children. With the popularity of social networking platforms, especially TikTok in recent times, many young children soon access social networks.

At the age of learning, many children imitate the videos, or fall into obsession, fear with jokes from “heaven”.

Haunted by fear in the sky

Recently, a trend of scaring ghosts that haunt children has appeared on social platforms, especially the social network TikTok. A series of videos recorded scenes of many adults locking children alone in the room, along with barbaric sounds. Many children are pulled out as the main characters in these clips for the purpose of fishing for views and likes.

A video lasting about 1 minute by a TikTok account named TM posted an image when an adult and a child were playing in the room, suddenly she ran out of the room, slammed the door, leaving the child. alone in the room, along with the barbaric sound. Seeing this, the child suddenly cried out in fear.

It is worth mentioning that these clips have received hundreds of likes, many people are quite interested in this video.

Not only that, just type the search term “scare children to eat”, “scare bad children”, on YouTube hundreds of short clips appear with monstrous faces, these clips attract hundreds of thousands of views. see.

Ms. TNL (Ha Dong district, Hanoi) shared that her 9-year-old daughter, after accidentally watching a clip of a young friend locked in a room, was very scared. “That day, I refused to go to the bathroom by myself, refused to stay in my room alone. After asking, I found out that I was afraid after watching the clip on TikTok and was afraid of being locked up like that by my mother,” L. said boredly. .

Sharing about the trends of scaring children on social networks, Ms. NTH (Hanoi) expressed: “I myself feel shivers when I watch these clips, let alone the children who are only a few years old. I really don’t understand why it’s such a “useless” joke. Children may have psychological problems when locked in a room or threatened with such images.

I think parents should carefully monitor what their children see and hear on social media. Instead of letting your child watch clips on the Internet, you can let them watch TV, entertainment programs, dance and sing that are appropriate for their age.”

Ms. NTT (35 years old, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City) with a 4-year-old child said that at home, especially when the child is not in class, to comfort the child to eat or not to cry, she often feeds the child. Grab your phone to surf TikTok.

“My child has access to websites very early, even every time he takes out his phone so that he doesn’t surf, he has to use a trick. One day he refused to go out to play, but just surfed social networks. I just thought I let my children play in my free time, but I don’t think much of it,” said Ms. T.

Obsessed with the trends of scaring devilish children - Photo 2.

Many children are still young but have been exposed to electronic devices and use social networks (Photo: Quang Dinh)

“Swing the trend” despite the benefits – harm

Exchange with Youth Regarding this trend, Assoc. Currently.

“In the past, many parents taught their children when they didn’t listen by making threats such as threatening the father to be arrested, threatening the police to arrest, threatening to make a fuss… with the goal of scaring the child so that the child would obey, causing trouble. This is a way of teaching children that is not humane, teaching based on intimidation, making children ashamed, afraid… and has been condemned.

With the current trend of locking children in closed rooms or wearing masks to scare children, it is not intended to educate children but only for the purpose of entertainment and entertainment of a part, which is an action that must be condemned even more. With such threats, many children will be psychologically affected.

Especially the children are too young to distinguish what is real and what is staged. So it’s possible that those scary impressions that appear in a child’s dreams turn into nightmares. It can also become anxiety, phobia in some situations of being alone, losing confidence…

This behavior shows the lack of culture of young people when using the fear of others to relieve their own stress. This is a joke, “trending” without consideration of how influential this content is. It shows the lack of awareness and culture of today’s youth,” said Mr. Nam.

Psychologist Vuong Nguyen Toan Thien – psychological unit of City Children’s Hospital (HCMC) – said that for children, access to media products with horror, horror, and scare content Threats can make children have negative effects such as panic, anxiety, obsessive thoughts, even lead to feelings of insecurity and disturbances in activities and sleep.

When feeling anxious, many children behave like crying, clinging to their parents or withdrawing, less willing to interact with others.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommended for the first time in April 2019, that children under 1 year old should not be exposed to electronic screens and children aged 2 to 4 years old should not sit still. using electronic screens more than 1 hour per day.

“It is necessary to regulate the time to use electronic devices suitable for each age and need to control the content children access. Parents must set an example for their children. Family relationships can still be considered as the foundation for healthy mental development in children.

A shared meal without using electronic devices can help parents and children listen and care for each other more. That’s also how parents teach their children to understand the real good values ​​outside of cyberspace,” said Toan Thien.

Children are anorexic, do not sleep, what other measures?

Psychologist Toan Thien says help children practice a reasonable schedule to ensure sleep quality and enough sleep duration according to each age.

Do not use electronic devices before bed because the blue light from computer screens and phones has a great effect on inhibiting the production of the hormone melatonin, thereby reducing both the number of hours of sleep and the quality of sleep.

In addition, let the child take the initiative in the meal. When eating, encourage and make food exploration fun rather than forcing. This further makes children anorexic and increases anorexia.

Should limit the time to eat, should not eat while watching electronic devices, leading to prolonging the meal for too long.

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